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Improve Your PTE Academic Speaking Skills

Do you face any issues when speaking the English language? If yes, then the only solution indeed is to improve it. You must strengthen your strength and develop your weakness to achieve the optimum score in your PTE Academic test. Two key elements you absolutely need to have in a speaking collection are “Pronunciation” and “Fluency”.

Fluency in speaking is nothing but the correct flow, speed, and use of grammar in your response. And with the best PTE preparation material, you can improve your speaking skills easily. PTE exam highly evaluates those candidates whose language you can call listener-friendly.

Improve Your Speaking Skills to Get a Good Score

  • Do not speak too fast

In PTE the key to speak is quality, not quantity. If you are speaking too fast, it is tough to sound natural. So slow it down. You can measure your standard yourself by good quality news reading and high quality speaking in public.

  • Do not mumble

Keep in mind, if the computer cannot hear you means the computer cannot mark you. If you try to speak in a rush tone in a microphone it will simply not work for you. Do not let the computer miss what you want to say.

A useful PTE tip & tricks are to have a radio playing in the background. It will prepare you for the realities in the PTE test, and you get to practice speaking in loud. With these, you can have great performance on test day.

  • Make sure your pronunciation of words is clear.

Are you being clear when the word ends? If not, then you should focus on pronouncing. Carelessly blending of words, will oppose the natural which results in weird and forced speaking. When you are practicing with the best PTE preparation material focused on pronunciation while speaking.

  • Make your sound tone natural

You need to keep your sound natural. It doesn’t look like you are delivering something. Belting your words a mile is not a good idea. Slow yourself down and should not end up talking like a robot. It will get you low marks even though it is correct or pronounced right. You are doing all the things well but speaking at the right place is necessary. It should be real!

  • Avoid all hesitations, umms, and aahs.

The most prominent thing you can do to avoid is to slow down. It is good to become self-conscious about this every time it happens. If you are recording yourself, go back to the beginning and try again. With these PTE tips & tricks,you can go ahead of your test to score well.


To improve your PTE Academic skill you need to be alert with your responses, and it will definitely improve. Do not ever rush to give the answer, organize your ideas. Convey your message slowly. You are being judged based on your skills so practice with the best PTE Preparation material. Stay calm throughout and you will surely achieve a good score.

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