Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

What’s up students? Today I am going to share an amazing English MDCAT book which is going to help you out a lot in your coming MDCAT exam preparation. All the MDCAT Books are easily available in the market or you can order those online as well and you can download book pdf at Whatever is easy for you just go for it in MDCAT books regard guys.

The title of the MDCAT book for preparation is “National MDCAT English practical book” and the author of this practical English books is Prof. Muhammad Azeem; He is known as one of the best English man in the Punjab territory of Pakistan and one of the famous teachers in English subject as well.

This book contains all the English topics which are necessary for an MDCAT student, Such As active voice, Passive voice, Direct and indirect with the more basic topics as well such as Tenses, and parts of speech.

The Noun, Pronoun and Verb type of topics are even more explained with proper examples from our real life. And you won’t even believe that how these simple and straight forward examples are going to help you in the preparation of your English part of MDCAT exam.

At the end of the book the author Muhammad Azeem also included past papers of English MDCAT part so that it would be further easy for students to have a look at some mock type of questions which are going to appear for them in the exam.

It was a short guide on a perfect MDCAT book for the preparation of medical exam taken by National PMC. Pakistan Medical Council. If you find it useful then please don’t forget to share it with your colleagues.

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