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Orlando vacation property

Not getting enough vacation property rental bookings is a matter of concern for many vacation property owners. When a high-priced investment does not produce the income you expect it to produce, your property management and marketing strategies need to be altered. You have to single out aspects leading to low bookings. Do some strength and weakness analysis and see what you have and what you need. What are the existing property management practices you need to revise or cease and what are the new practices you need to adopt?

Once you have discovered why your Orlando vacation property management is failing, it’s time to craft a more productive property management strategy. Here are some tips for you: 

Use Better Marketing Techniques   

While traditional marketing techniques are still very effective, you need to include the following in your vacation marketing: 

Email And Newsletter Marketing

Save the emails of guests inquiring about the booking and those who have booked your property. Now use these emails to build relationships. Send them holiday greetings or rewards. Keep them informed of new properties and special discounts. There are many email marketing programs you can use such as:

  • Benchmark Email 
  • MailChimp
  • VerticalResponse 
  • Email Studio 

Local Listing Sites 

Listing on Airbnb, HomeAway and other popular platforms is not enough. Successful vacation property management companies in Kissimmee Florida never underestimate the marketing potential of local listing sites. 

Ask For Reviews 

Instead of listening to you, people prefer to listen to people you have served. So, ask your guests to submit online ratings and reviews. Getting positive reviews is good for reputation. When your potential renters get only good things to read about you, a new trust factor comes into play and you start getting more bookings. You can ask your guests to review their experience, your property and its surroundings and your pricing. You should also be able to handle negative reviews. 

Use Professional Photographs 

Both local and popular listing platforms allow you to upload a fixed number of property photographs. When you are uploading only a limited number of photographs, don’t upload an example of your bad photography skills. Hire a professional photographer to have more polished photographs of your property. He can highlight the best features to gain the attention of vacationers using both popular platforms and local listing sites. This can help you in presenting yourself as a reputed brand. 

Offer More Amenities 

Vacationers can book hotel rooms as well. However, they book vacation properties because they need more space offering more privacy. They want to feel like being at home when they are vacationing hours away from their home. So, they also want amenities and features available in their homes. You should offer more than that when 30% of the rentals are actually repeated bookings. Following are the features and amenities you must offer:   

  • Fast WiFi 
  • TV and Cable 
  • Fireplace, Jacuzzi and pool 
  • Pet-friendly space 
  • Washer/Dryer 
  • Hair dryers, extra soaps and shampoos, hangers and other items people often forget to bring     
  • Welcome baskets with snacks 
  • Extras such as stereo systems, video game systems, nightlights, phone chargers, basic cleaning supplies, kitchen species etc. 

Accurate Listings 

Keep your listings up to date to provide accurate information to vacationers. You can add an accurate property description. Keep your calendar up to date. Guests want to understand your property and its surroundings. They want to know if your property is quaint and quiet or not. Vacationers looking for a specific type of property want to know more about the atmosphere in your property. 


Represent your property with honesty and professionalism. Offer and highlight amenities and special offers in your marketing, professional photographs and listings. Get positive feedback from your customers. This is what it takes to make your Orlando Vacation property management more successful. The best thing you can do is hiring one of the best vacation property management companies in Kissimmee Florida.   

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