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Many people are using text RSVP services today due to the benefits they offer. You don’t need to go to each of your guest’s door to give them your wedding invitation, which will save you plenty of time. Also, you don’t have to mail the traditional wedding invitation cards to your guests who will be money-saving for you. You can simply send text message party invites to your guests for inviting them on your special day. 

Where many people are sending text RSVPs to their guests and enjoying their benefits, some don’t know how to integrate these apps and how to send invites by using these apps. You need to know the method of using these apps first if you want to get benefits by choosing them. Below, you can read the right method to integrate text RSVP services. But first, select the perfect text RSVPs app for you as if you choose the bad one, it will destroy your whole mood. You can select the most suitable text RSVP app for you by knowing or reading the feedbacks of its previous users regarding it.

Make a guest list:

The first step to follow is, make a guest list and carefully add the names and correct information of all guests in that list. You don’t have to make that list on the paper anymore, as online wedding RSVP apps allow you to prepare the list in their app. You don’t have to update that list again and again after every guest accept the invitation as the RSVP app will update that list on its own. Various AI techniques and technologies are used in these apps, and they provide you ease. You may make a mistake while updating your guest list, but these apps can’t. 

You just need to prepare an initial list of the guests, and after that, the app will update that list automatically, and in the end, you will get the names that which person is coming to the event and which one is not. So, make a guest list as it is the initial step to follow while using text RSVP services. Install the best text invitations app now and make a guest list there.

Write the message you want to send for inviting guests:

After completing your guest list, write the message you want to send for inviting guests to your wedding because you are going to send an invitation by text message. You may become confused while writing this invitation message as many people become confused while writing it, and they can’t figure out what to write in this message and what not to write in it. Don’t worry; you can write that message the way you like, just remember to mention all the essential things in this message. Such as:

  • Write the name of the guest at the start of your message
  • Mention the venue where your wedding is going to occur (it will be good for your guests if you also mention the address of the venue with its name)
  • Mention the date and day of your wedding
  • Also mention the exact time of your reception

So, these are some essential things that you must include in your invitation message while writing it. After all these essential things, you can write an invitation message the way you want to write it. At the end of your invitation message, don’t forget to give best wishes to the person to whom you are sending this invitation. So, after making a guest list, write the message you want to send for inviting guests. 

Schedule your invitation text or send it immediately:

If your wedding date and the time are fixed, we recommend you to send the invitation message as soon as you can. But if things are not decided yet, you can also send this invitation later. The beauty of using text RSVP services is, you can send the invitation as many times as you want. In this way, you can regularly remind your guests about your event and help them not forgetting your event.

So, after sending an rsvp text message to your friends and family, if you feel the need to send it again for reminding them about your wedding, you can easily do so, and it will cost you nothing. While if you choose to invite your guests by using a traditional cards invitation process, you can’t remind them by sending them the cards again and again. Also, if in the mail your invitation will be lost, they will not be able to attend your event. So, another step you should follow after writing the invitation message is, send the message immediately to all your guests or schedule this message for your future if things are not fixed yet. 

Request your guests to reply when they receive the invitation:

 Confirmation is essential to make sure that they receive your invitation. When you send a text invitation using RSVP services or app, the other person will immediately receive your invitation, and there is no delay in this process. But in most cases, some people don’t check their messages immediately, and after some time, they forget to check these messages. This is why it is essential to make sure that your guests receive your invitation and they don’t lose it with the notifications of other apps. So, after sending the invitation, request your guests to reply when they receive the invitation. 


If you never use the text RSVP services in your life, this post will tell you how you can integrate these services. The process is very easy, and everyone can easily send invitations by using these text RSVP apps or services. First, make a list of your guests which you’d like to invite to your reception and then write the invitation message that you want to send them.

After that, send the invitation immediately or if things are not fixed yet, then schedule this message for the future. You can know how to integrate text RSVP services by reading this post deeply, as we mentioned every single detail about it in this blog.

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