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In the modern dynamic world, people began to surround themselves with objects and materials that are unpretentious in care and durable in use. And therefore, less and less often you can find such a coating as a parquet floor. Undoubtedly, it will delight the eye for a long time if it is properly looked after, taken care of and if you know how to protect it.

Parquet floors are quite sensitive to damage, and modern laminate is no less capricious at times. In order to protect the beautiful floor in the apartment from scuffs and scratches that furniture can leave on it, we prepared for you many interesting and effective solutions, both noticeable and imperceptible.

Quick instant solutions

1. Raw potato slices

This is the cheapest and easiest way to protect your floor, and you can use it if you need to urgently move furniture. Cut raw potatoes into round slices, 7-10 mm thick. After that, place the circles under the bottom or legs of the cabinet. Thus, wooden furniture can easily be moved from one place to another, and traces of potatoes can be perfectly removed with a damp cloth.

2. Soft wool rug

Thick wool rugs are indispensable for moving heavy cabinets, dressers, sofas and other furnishings. If you use this method you will not have to think about how to paint wooden furniture damaged during the move. Tilt the cabinet slightly and tuck the rugs under the legs.

3. Plastic lids

Plastic lids can be found in every house. If you grease them with soap or vegetable oil and put them under the legs of your furniture, then there will be no problems with moving it.

4. Detergent, wax and paraffin

Another way to protect the floor is to spread it with soap, paraffin or wax. These inexpensive products form a thin layer on the surface for excellent glide.

5. Special devices

Furniture conveyors, tie-down belts, convenient trolleys are “simple” devices that make it much easier to carry heavy furniture. Convenient devices make it easy and safe for a wooden floor to move cabinets, sofas, dressers on their own without the involvement of loaders.

Permanent solutions

1. Socks on the legs

One of the currently popular ways to protect the floor from scratches that can be left by the legs of tables and chairs are fashionable designer socks. They come from various materials, and they can be selected both for the interior as a whole and for the seasons of the year. For Christmas and New Year, choose socks with holly, stars and other winter symbols, and designs with leaves and flowers are suitable for summer.

2. Silicone mats 

The floor can be protected from heavy cabinets and pedestals with special silicone mats. They are transparent, like all silicone products. Place it under the cabinet before installing it, and it will perfectly protect the floor from damage. If after that you decide to rearrange and change the location of the cabinet in the room, the floor under it will remain the same as it was before.

In classic interiors and boho-style, instead of silicone, you can use leather, carpets, and rugs knitted from fabric, in a word, everything that you yourself will be pleased to see.

A decorative carpet that can be placed under the dining table is perfect for the kitchen. With it, your floor will be protected not only from scratches, but also from stains, and cleaning will be much easier. Don’t forget to use a chair mat for your home office too. Due to their constant movement office chairs can leave a lot of damage on your flooring.

3. Silicone pads

There are ways to protect the floor from damage discreetly. Silicone pads are transparent and practically invisible, work great and do not affect the stability of the furniture. By the way, with them the movement of furniture is not only safer for the floors, but also quieter, so that even at night its movement will not disturb the neighbours. There are also pads made of other materials – felt, leather, cork.

They can be either purchased ready-made or cut by yourself from the appropriate material. Glue them to furniture either with wood glue or with the usual super clay. When it dries off, it is completely transparent, while it is flexible and is not afraid of moisture.


Wood floors are a great lifetime investment in your home, and it’s understandable that you want to avoid its damage. It is not always enough to just fix a damaged board, and to repair it. In extreme cases, replacement can be quite expensive, so sometimes it is considered that parquet is quite whimsical. However, it is not. If you take care of your floor and make sure to protect it, it will serve you for a long time.

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