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Stylish Bedroom

The first thing that comes to mind about bedrooms is rest, tranquility, and peace. This is not because you go to the bedroom to sleep, but because the interior design inspires you to relax. Unfortunately, some décors are not so sleep-inducing as their owners would like for numerous reasons. It basically ranges from having the colors they hate to bed being too high. If this is how you feel about yours, here are some stylish bedroom décor tips to give you what your heart desires.   

1.    Create an intriguing color scheme

Colors in your bedroom should indeed be serene and include shades from the neutral palette, like gray, cream, beige, and brown. However, adding splashes of color can make the room cozier, especially if you use earthy colors such are red and orange. Blue, yellow, and green are great options for accent colors in the dominant neutral scheme. Just make sure to use the shades you like or no matter how well you combined the colors, they may annoy you instead of being soothing.

Pale shades are also a good choice for the bedroom. Pale blue, green, and purple are calming while at the same time avoid creating a boring ambiance. All this is not to say you can’t have a vivid color scheme in your bedroom, just make sure these are the colors that invoke natural environments, like green and yellow. Pink is also a wonderful color for the bedroom, but it’s better to opt for subdued tones and pair it up with white for depth. 

2.    Focus on natural materials

Natural materials never go out of fashion. Wood, stone, cotton, glass, and iron are only some of the materials you can bring into your bedroom. However, these materials can be expensive which doesn’t mean you can’t find their equally natural counterparts. Instead of wood, you can decide to use bamboo where possible, like in flooring and bed frames.

Creating an accent wall out of bricks is as attractive as doing with stones, especially if you have a fireplace in your bedroom. Those against using animal products, like leather and feathers, can have fun with cotton, seagrass, and jute. Wood is excellent for nightstands, closets, vanity, and bench by the foot of your bed, giving the bedroom a traditional and majestic quality.

3.    Give it a touch of serenity

Before bed, you may want to spread blackout curtains on the windows to fall asleep without distractions from the outside light. However, during the day, you should let as much natural light inside your bedroom as possible to soften the space. A comfortable rug underneath your feet when you go to sleep and wake up will bring warmth into the décor.

 Try to bring the number of things occupying your floor to the minimum to allow for freedom of movement and avoid clutter. If you can’t decide what goes in and out of your bedroom, always opt to have less furniture and belongings. The bedroom is the last place you want to feel like you are suffocating under your possessions and mess to have a good night’s sleep. 

4.    Add resonating decorations

Decorations can make a lot of difference to the atmosphere in the bedroom. Woven wicker baskets in the corner give it a rustically modern vibe, while candles on the windowsill bring out the calmness. Large and puffy throw pillows can give you a luxurious setting resembling the ones you’ve seen in magazines.

Adding a personal touch to the room with photographs of your loved ones can make you feel cocooned and content. Those leaning towards a minimalist design should think of adding decoration or two, to give character to space. A blanket with geometrical patterns on the bed or an interesting vase can help you make the place your own.

5.    Embrace the art

Adding art to the room is more than hanging a painting on the wall. A Persian rug on the floor is a gorgeous representation of patterns and colors that can contribute to the décor, as well. Modern bedrooms are free of collectibles and knickknacks, but rather put a spotlight on the artwork.

Specially designed shelves and nightstands with engravings and unusual shapes, or massive furniture that speaks of the age it was created. These are all valid ways how artwork can give you a stylish bedroom décor. Even a painting on the wall should make a statement with its large size and position, usually above the bed.

The bottom line

Your bedroom is your oasis of peace so always listen to your inner voice when deciding what’s comfortable and what’s not. A stylish bedroom décor should reflect your desire for a tranquil ambiance that will improve the quality of your sleep and lower stress levels. The size of your bedroom is irrelevant if you turn it into an embracing space to keep you sheltered and cozied up.

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