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Coronavirus or COVID-19 has been declared as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. Beginning as a confluence of mild respiratory symptoms in the city of Wuhan, it quickly unmasked itself when people slowly begin to realize its true nature. Spreading from person to person, it is clear that to prevent its increase, one must keep their distance.

The process of quarantine has drastically affected many lives and livelihoods. From closed education sectors to shutting down of businesses, this social isolation is proving to be very difficult in terms of physical health and mental growth. There is limited outdoor activity and access to gyms that have affected many people, especially those who were on a weight loss journey.

Tips to help you lose weight

The coronavirus outbreak has left the majority of the people limited to their homes. That means no gym or outdoor physical activity. The following are some of the expert-recommended tips to ensure that you stay healthy and lose weight in your homes.

Weight training exercises

If you have to avoid the gym due to coronavirus and don’t have any equipment at home, then make sure to keep exercising not just to lose weight but to boost your immunity. There are a lot of training exercises like push-ups, planks, and pull-ups that you can easily do at home. Other cardio exercises, like jumping, can be done indoors.

Some of the gym exercises alternatives are:

  • Split squats using a chair
  • Glute bridge
  • Goblet squat
  • Climbing the stairs
  • Wall presses
  • On-spot jumping

You can hit the gym, but that would require you to be extra cautious. However, if you are staying and home and want to avoid public places, then these home-based exercises can ensure that you lose weight or maintain it without any equipment.  Make your routine exciting each day by challenging yourself and family members to games like 100 squats or learning different ways of push-ups.

Catch up on sleep

Considering the current situation, you have enough time to catch up on your sleep. If you want to eat less, then a good night’s sleep is essential to keep your cravings at bay. Research shows that when your body is sleep-deprived, it craves more high-calorie and unhealthy food, mostly sugar.

If you are sleep deprived, you will not only be eating more food, but it would be unhealthy food like chocolates, potato chips, biscuits, etc. When you don’t sleep enough, your body’s natural reaction is to increase huger causing hormone, which leads to hunger pangs that you cannot ignore. So get rid of these bad night-time habits that make you gain weight:

  • Don’t have a large amount of food before bed.
  • Don’t take tea before bed, i.e., black tea of green tea.
  • Keep dessert for the morning; don’t take sugar in any form before night-time.

Opt for black coffee

A lot of people, especially Americans, drink coffee regularly, but they use additives like sugar, syrups, and full-fat creams in their coffee, resulting in high calories. This way, a zero-calorie drink transforms into a 100+ calorie beverage! According to a Public Health study, due to these additives, the average calorie count of a coffee cup increases 1,280 percent, reaching 69 calories from a zero-calorie.

By taking black coffee, you can easily cut down on hundreds of calories a week and lower your risks of diabetes and other metabolic disorders. It’s a good time to keep a distance from Starbucks Frappuccino’s to a healthier alternative of black coffee.

If you are not a fan of black coffee, then brew up some green tea for a healthy kick!

Slimming massage

Another great way to lose or maintain weight is by considering a slimming massage. There are different kinds of slimming massages that can help you lose weight fast, e.g., HYPOXI and LPG. These massages use pressure techniques and tools to reduce the appearance of cellulite and break up fat pockets.

With time at your hands, you can consult from HYPOXI Dubai based experts and can get professional advice regarding your weight loss issues and trouble areas. These massages not only help in weight loss, but they also boost your immune system through lymphatic drainage. Some of the benefits of HYPOXI are:

  • Gets rid of chronic fatigue
  • Helps with low immunity
  • Helps with congested sinuses
  • Sports injuries, e.g., swelling or sprains
  • Water retention due to pregnancy or injury
  • Cellulite reduction

Avoid processed sugar

At times like these, when you have to stay indoors with limited physical activity, you start indulging in some bad habits to make up for lack of social activities. One of those habits is binge eating, especially sugary items. These include soda, energy drinks, and eatables like biscuits, ice cream, chocolates, etc.

Look for alternatives, e.g., if you are thinking about baking brownies, then consider using unsweetened maple syrup or apple sauce. One cup of sugar has more than 700 calories, while a cup of unsweetened apple only has around 100. Make smarter choices, so you have no regrets later.

Stay safe and continue with your weight loss journey

Nothing should stop you from achieving your ideal body. Beauty is entirely subjective, but the weight has nothing to do with beauty, it takes a toll on your health, making you susceptive of disease. Spend this time on yourself and get online help from HYPOXI Dubai based experts to know about your body type and what would suit you best to get the results that you have been dreaming of.



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