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What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is concerned with promoting well-being at all levels of health. It stimulates the vitality in everyday life and also improves the quality of life by working on learning, work, balancing, life situations, and relationships. This stimulates mental health and zest for life. The kinesiologist uses the muscle test to identify and solve the backgrounds of the complaint or problem. Kinesiology is an amazing method to promote health, the fitness of muscles and the self-healing ability of the body. Get all the details online about the best kinesiologist in Sydney

What can Kinesiology do? 

Everything that is medical, belongs to an expert/doctor from the regular medical circuit for treatment. Kinesiology can provide support in resolving various complaints. It can mean a lot in the case of unclear and inexplicable complaints that cannot be explained in the regular circuit and that may arise from energetic blockages.

While playing at the highest levels of games and sports, one can’t be distracted / thrown-off by extreme discomfort and pain. Finding an immediate and powerful remedy for such conditions is necessary for the height of competition. Athletes and sports people stretch their bodies to the utmost limit. That is what they’re supposed to do. The body of a sportsman responds by strengthening the muscle and reinforcing the powers the athlete needs to increase strength, performance, and power most of the time. 

Benefits of Kinesiology

Kinesiology has many applications, in physical, biochemical, emotional and energetic areas and can help with:

  •  allergies and intolerances (hypersensitivity to certain substances, to residential areas, homes, etc.)
  •  hypo and hyperglycemia (i.e. problem with blood circulation, issues with sugar management, as well as the problems with the management of waste from food)
  •  fatigue and burnout (constantly tired, tired too quickly, and energy problems)
  •  stress and depression (involved with yourself, involved with others by others, overly anxious, sleeping badly for no obvious reason)
  •  dyscalculia, dyslexia and several other learning difficulties (i.e. not being able to cope well at colleges and workplaces, quickly forgetting, remembering badly, and getting emotional quickly)
  •  performance anxiety (thinking a person can’t do something or he is not good enough, getting stuck in a relationship)
  •  (chronic) pain complaints (feeling pain again and again in certain places while there is no medical cause.)
  •  whiplash (being shaken during an accident)
  •  “not feeling well”, feeling nervous
  •  traumas (unable to leave serious past events behind)
  •  fears (being afraid for no apparent reason or reason, negative thinking)
  •  addictions (quitting smoking, alcohol, overweight)
  •  relationship problems

Diagnosis in Kinesiology

An expert in Kinesiology will examine all the bodily and biomechanical factors which can cause problems in the human body, like usage of muscle, posture, and muscle’s gait. A neurological examination and pathological test are then done to discover the reflex as well as normal reactions to stimuli. The examination is done by the way of muscle simulation. In a clinical setting, patients are asked to walk freely or perform some particular actions in a certain manner as guided by the examiner. Several key points along the muscle can also be stimulated to understand the muscles’ s reflex reactions. 

The objective of the testing is to diagnose the muscles which are weak in different manner and to work out the therapy for strengthening it. For this purpose, one can search “best kinesiologist near me” online and discover the way to stay fit and fine. 

Several institutes of Kinesiology Australia offer the most comprehensive and effective kinesiology training in Australia. It is quite supportive in teaching, for example, to promote concentration and focus in the classroom and to positively influence learning performance and motivation. In (mental) health care, Kinesiologists can make a preventive contribution to working on well-being. 

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