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The wedding day is one of the pivotal points that changes the course of life for every bridal couple. Since well want everything to be perfect on that day, there’s an entire industry of service providers for wedding organization. Most of these services incur significant expenses for a wedding budget.

However, there’s something affordable that every bride (and most grooms) wish for their wedding day – to reduce their weight to look fit on their wedding photos. Losing weight to get in shape for the wedding doesn’t have to cost a single cent. What you need is some free time and organization.

1)     Reduce evening meals


Couples who have been living together for some time usually develop some common habits. These routines might vary, but eating together in the evening is a frequent activity.

If your evening meals contain more fiber and protein than carbohydrates and fat, you probably won’t be overweight.

But even if you have a healthy eating routine for dinner, it’s recommended to limit the intake of food during that period of the day.

So, try to have your last meal by 6 or 7 pm. After that, you can consume a handful of nuts and a reasonable amount of seeds. Of course, don’t forget to drink tea and water in the evening, as well.

By reducing the intake of food in the evening, you’ll stop piling up fats.

2)     Introduce new ingredients

No matter how much you work out, walk or use food supplements, you won’t lose weight if you keep eating fast food. Homemade food prepared in an unhealthy manner will prevent youfrom reaching your goal for your wedding day.

A rule of thumb is to avoid frying on high temperatures and reduce the intake of bread and pastries made from white flour.

Instead of that, go for whole-wheat flour and related products. It will stabilize the level of sugar in your blood. What’s more, whole-grain products take more time to digest, which reduces our urge to take in more sugars.

Apart from that, increase the intake of fruit and vegetables, especially the ones you haven’t eaten before.

These measures, together with new spices, will make you enjoy more in food and pay attention to the foods you eat. As a result, your body weight will go down and your self-esteem will go up – two important things for every bride and groom.

3)     Avoid strict diets

When you and your bridal partner are trying to get fit for the wedding day, don’t make any drastic moves. If you decide to completely change your diet, you might shock your body.

Such sudden changes in the intake of foods may affect your immunity. If such a thing happens, you’re more likely to experience some health problems. And if you get flu or something worse, it will stop you from doing exercise and undertaking other prep measures for the wedding.

Another risk of strict diets is that people often abandon them after some time and get back to their old habit of overeating. This intensifies the feeling of dissatisfaction and failure, which makes them try another strict diet with a similar outcome.

In order to prevent yourself from entering this endless cycle and avoid the bad effects of diets, practice balanced and reasonable meals.

4)     Put your menu in writing

When you’re making your diet plan in the period before the wedding, put all the new ideas in writing. As you keep adding new items to this list, you’ll eventually come up with a menu. The next stage is to ask a nutritionist or a personal trainer for advice regarding this eating plan and your end goal.

These consultations will probably result in removing some things from the list and adding some new ones.

After these activities, you’ll have a full-course menu for all the meals and all the days of the week.

If you don’t put it in writing, you won’t be disciplined about your meals. The outcomes of your workout and eating effort will be less effective.

5)     Start running together

The habit-changing process is much easier when you’re doing it together with someone else. That way, you can support and control each other along the way.

Since we’re writing all these things for a bridal couple to get fit for the wedding, the concept of supporting and monitoring becomes even more important.

This is where running comes on stage. It’s one of the most effective ways to lose weight. If you and your bridal partner start running together, you’ll soon see the benefits of this activity. Instead of binge-watching TV-shows after dinner, put on your running shoes and do something for your body. Start with low-intensity jogging and amplify the pace after a few weeks.

If you can’t find the motivation to start running, picture yourself and your partner posing for your wedding photos. You’re in a tranquil and lush place, such as the Houston wedding venue surrounded by forest, and you’re both slim and fit. This will inspire you to go to your first running session and continue doing it regularly.


When we’re about to get married, we need to think about many organizational things. What’s more, you’ll see that you’ll start thinking a lot about the period of time after the wedding. All these new feelings and challenges change people. It’s easier to cope with these things if you’re in good mental and physical shape.

Our tips will help you reduce your weight before the wedding and increase your self-esteem. They won’t only make you feel better during the wedding ceremony and photo session. Changing your habits together makes perfect grounds for the beginning of your marital life.



AuthorBio: James Barnes is an experienced wedding organizer and blogger at He specialized in organizing outdoor wedding events.When he isn’t writing about weddings and marital life, David usually goes swimming or playing squash.





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