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Resolutions are particularly famous for their trait of not being fulfilled and it is strange to think of it how and why. New Year Resolutions being broken in a very short while is a widely known phenomenon but to think of it as to why is a mystery. Figuring out why New Year resolutions often hit a bumpy road is what is going to be the aim of this article today. To think about it, the basic reason for not being able to keep a promise is the lack of will power.

However, to encourage yourself into keeping the promise is to make an order cake online in bangalore to yourself and address it as a sign of beginning of the promise. Here are certain reasons that, despite all your good efforts, lead to you not being able to keep a promise.

Making Promises By Analysing Oneself

Promises should be made around one’s limitations and interests. Resolutions are meant to uplift someone and make things better. It should not be something that forces one to go out of their ways to fulfil their resolutions, In most cases, people make resolutions based on someone’s opinions or advices. Obviously, it will tend to fail. Resolutions should primarily focus on your own determination and interests and only then can you keep up to it.

2. Make One Solid Resolution.

We are all aware of how tricky following a single resolution can be and thus by making multiple resolutions people often make a grave mistake. It is always the best idea to make one resolution and stick to it sincerely. Multiple resolutions will just cloud your mind and get you nowhere. It will confuse you and make things look tougher than what it actually is. Thus, it is best to just cater to one resolution at one time and in fact, to make sure you do that, send flowers to yourself and reward yourself for keeping up to it.

3. Keep A Track Of Your Progress

Maintaining a chart that records your progress of fulfilling the resolution is very essential. Resolutions are easier to fulfil when you know that at the end of the day, you have to look at it and figure out how much exactly you have finished and reached. By maintaining a chart, you know how many days you have missed and thus, will have to figure out ways to mend that. If you have kept your resolution six days a week and you happen to notice, you would not want to miss out on the seventh day of the week as well. And, thus you grow better at keeping up to your resolution.

4. Keep Yourself Motivated

The best way to live up to a promise is to keep yourself reminding of why you made the promise in the first place. Keep yourself motivated about the resolution. Tell your friends about the resolution and tell them how and why you are so determined about it. Talk about it on social media, read about people who are successfully keeping their resolutions, and make sure you have a few friends entrusted with the responsibility of keeping you on track with the resolution.

5. Reward Yourself For The Small Wins

When it is a bad day, we often find ways to blame and sulk everything bout the day but when we do make a good turn or achieve something, we let it slide as a normal incident. If it so happens that you have been hitting small bumps in fulfilling your resolution, make sure you do not succumb to disappointment and demotivation. Cheer yourself up and let it go since you are human after all. And, if you have been a good sport and keeping up to it, make sure you buy bouquets online and celebrate your growth and progress. Give yourself the credit to write for us more about flowers that you deserve for being able to come so far.

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