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Basically, coffee, which is a fresh food, is bought in small sizes as needed. Enjoy the seasonal aroma of coffee to your liking; slowly grind the beans into a mill just before making! First, the coffee beans are crushed into powder with a machine called a mill. It makes the coffee shop like Pick & Brew a common sight where coffee is brewed from beans, and you buy coffee in powder form, but have you ever seen beans put in a machine and crunchy?

In commercial cases, there are public places where beans are kept in a box, and the handle is turned to sharpen manually. There is a variation between electric and manual, but the coffee beans are finely crushed into powder in both cases. Espresso coffee, which is cute to look at while enjoying the taste of coffee, will make your cafe time at home more enjoyable.

Whatever; if you are interested in making coffee using a single-serve coffee maker like Chulux, you can read this guide from top to bottom. This time, the article will introduce a coffee recipe that you can easily make instead of the coffee you usually drink.

Prepare the necessary equipment and boil water:

Preheat the brewing equipment such as drippers and servers, cups, saucers, and spoons to extract to a drinking temperature. For hot water, boil freshly drawn tap water.

Indeed, when the water boils, turn off the heat, and the lumpy bubbles on the surface subside, which is the ideal temperature for extraction (around 95 ° C). Fold the bottom adhesive part of the filter outwards, then the side adhesive part inward. Set it so that it is lightly pressed against the dripper.

Coffee slowly extracted with water:

Cold brew coffee is coffee extracted with water. It is one of the coffee extraction methods and is also called “cold brew” or “Dutch coffee.” Unlike the standard coffee that is made with hot water, it does not have a bitter taste or harshness and has a mellow flavor. The idea of ​​extracting coffee from the water was born in Indonesia.

In general, it was conceived to make quirky coffee easier to drink and is famous as a palatable coffee extraction method. When draining water, put the ground beans in a pitcher or a unique pot and take time to extract. When you make cold brew coffee at a coffee shop, you often use a unique pot, but it is attractive that you can easily make it with household tools.

Steam the coffee:

“Steaming” is something you definitely want to do to make good coffee. In that case, put the coffee powder in the filter is shake the dripper lightly to evenly level the powder’s surface to pour hot water evenly over the entire body.

Initially, pour a small amount of hot water into the coffee gently, soak the whole powder evenly, and then let it steam for about 20 seconds. The amount of hot water to pour is about 20cc, and the optimum temperature is around 95 ℃. As a guide, a few drops of hot water will drop on the server.

How to drink delicious:

The cream on top of coffee is a bit bitter as it is brewed with much stronger coffee than usual, albeit with sugar. First of all, it is a delicious way to drink while enjoying the bitterness and mixing it with milk. Mix all the milk and coffee cream to make it taste like a latte.

If you don’t like bitter coffee, try mixing it well from the beginning or sprinkling cocoa powder on top to reduce the bitterness and make it easier to drink.

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