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When you find yourself on LinkedIn, you know you are there to make good connections. Your connection on LinkedIn starts from those you know personally to people you wish to know. LinkedIn is presently having over half a billion users across more than 200 countries. When it comes to having good connections with B2B prospects, business partners and potential employers, LinkedIn is the highest rated social network. This is why it pays to get more connections on LinkedIn.

Learning to Grow Your LinkedIn Connection

In this article, we will show you how to professionally grow your LinkedIn connections and make the best use of them. Grow your LinkedIn connections today with these strategies and start leveraging them.


  • Customize Your Connection Requests

When browsing through the list of “people you may know” on LinkedIn, don’t be tempted to directly click the “connect” button. A generic request will be sent to that connection if you do so. The right way to do this is to click on the person’s profile and then press the “connect” button there. This will open a box where you can send a customized message to tell the person why you want to connect with them and why they should be your connection on the platform.


  • Follow Up

It would help if you reached out to gather connections at your convenience. This strategy is like traditional networking – just like meeting people face-face. This might sound hard to you, but it is effective. You meet people every day at conferences and trade shows; you could have volunteered for non-governmental organizations or charity events. Why not connect with them on LinkedIn? Follow up with business owners at your favorite stores, classmates, health providers, gym instructors and so on. All these people are the right connections you should reach out to and follow up with on LinkedIn. 


  • Plan a Monthly Growth Target

Gathering 100 connections to 500+ on LinkedIn seems impossible. However, do you know that if you divide your target into the days of the month, you will see how easy it is to achieve? If you connect with 10 new people a day, you can increase your connections by 300 in one month, right? Repeat this same method over and over. Your set target is realistic. Note that it is proper to follow LinkedIn etiquette, so be careful not to spam people you don’t know. 

Additionally, don’t expect that every user you send a request will respond affirmatively. A bunch of them could have the following LinkedIn philosophy before accepting any connection request. Such as:

  • Do I know the sender?
  • Do I know any of his connections?
  • Do you share or follow similar industry insights?
  • Is your company a familiar one?
  • Did we attend the same institution?

If one or two of these questions can get a “yes”, they will accept your connection request. If not, they might ignore your invite.


  • Post Frequently

Posting on social media platforms is not a new thing to most of you reading this article. When you post, a connection could like, comment or share the status update. As soon as this action occurs, some of the user’s connections might see your post on their feed. Luckily, if your content is relevant, 2nd-degree connections may send you an invite to connect with you. 

Frequent posting opens you up to engagement opportunities, bringing your content on the homepage feed of many connections within your reach. Mind you, posting every day on LinkedIn is not an offensive activity. Leverage it to your benefit.



Getting connections on LinkedIn is not done by magic. If you have up to 500+ followers, don’t relent and keep the work going at a steady pace. It is a platform where so many have gotten life-changing opportunities. Create relevant content about your brand, opinion, observations and your career. People are watching. Grow your connections positively on LinkedIn with these tips and have fun while trying.

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