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How to Make Friends in College

College is about to be a wonderful time of student life. It is a phase of learning, making friends, going on adventures, tours, and parties. Besides that, also you became conscious of your career and you start thinking about it more seriously. I believed that college is a mixture of life that gives you multiple experiences to learn. Some lessons are bad, some are good. The most interesting part of college is to have friends.

Friends are the backbone of your life from which you learn so much. A good friend eases your burden and cooperates with you. Such as in writing tasks, helping in assignments, projects and guiding in the preparation of the paper. Take writing help from but help from friends can guide you much better.

So, if college is that interesting part of life, why don’t people don’t have any friends in college life? Well, I think the answer to this question varies from person to person. I remember when I was in college, I was hell busy studying, doing assignments, doing a part-time job, and keep up with my grade. Because of all those reasons, I didn’t make any friends. I realized it much later and was left all alone in my hard times. In my last year, I leave my job and search out to make good friends. In this journey, I came to know that other people are experiencing the same thing. I always wondered why it is so hard to make friends in college?

Accept yourself and loneliness:

When I thought about it, the first reason that came to my mind is self-acceptability. Students should be considerate towards themselves and be kind. Don’t bother what other people are saying, just do what you want. Loneliness is sometimes a privilege, enjoy it and until you make new friends.

You should not change yourself to please others instead, accept who you are and be confident. Everyone has personal issues that no one wants to share, you rather should be kind to understand others and yourself to let people approach you.

Solitude in college is common:

We think that everyone has a lot of friends and doing fun and enjoyment. But that isn’t the case. Students have their issues and do not discuss them with others. When discussing this with my other friends, everyone has the notion that being alone in college is a normal thing. Having different majors and backgrounds, it seems difficult to approach someone.

I have a lot of friends in university now, and thanks to my nature and sincerity to my friends, I have a chance to open a business with them too. Sounds exciting, right? Make friends that match your frequency and share your thoughts with them. Going into college is a big change in life and don’t ruin the opportunity to enjoy college life. You will find amazing friends to socialize with and have a party, till that time enjoy your loneliness too.

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