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Many small and medium-sized businesses send their important announcements to web portals and newspapers. However, their press releases never get published. This is where a smaller or medium-sized business can take advantage of press release distribution services. There are some businesses that completely neglect writing press releases. If you are not writing press releases, you are missing an opportunity to secure brand awareness in local markets. Local TV stations, newspapers, news portals and radio stations can provide you with exposure if your press release is newsworthy.

Keep in mind that your press release may not be accepted and published exactly as it is written. Google and other search engines desire unique content. However, editors hardly have time to rewrite a press release. They change headlines or one or two paragraphs. So, before you write a press release, learn about the editorial approach. If you are following the editorial guidelines, your press release is most likely to get published. And, if you are working with a press releases distribution services provider, your press release can reach your target audience through a trusted platform. 

Your press release should contain newsworthy information. A press release can contain information about an event or product. A press release containing an element of novelty and rarity is newsworthy.

The Ws

Your press release should answer to the following W questions:

  • What?
  • Who?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • How?
  • Why?

Company Background Information

Your press release should also contain some information about your company. Editors can use this information to extend the text. This information can be the same in each press release as long as no significant change is made in your company.

Meaningful Headlines

The headlines of your press release should be informative, interesting and easy to understand. Make sure that your headlines contain the sensational part of the message. Each editor has a style. It is good to have a headline that fits the style of the editor. If you want to publish your press release in an industry magazine then the headline must incorporate relevant technical terms. The title should be less than 200 characters long.  

Teasers and/or Bullet Points

Add an informative summary to your press release. This teaser should arouse more interest. Always draft a teaser as newspapers and web portals need them to display on the summary page. Whether a reader will click or not, this depends on the headline and teaser. A good teaser has three or four short and meaningful sentences. Also use bullet points to highlight important content. This allows the editor to see what the press release is all about. The editor can also use bullet points to formulate a good teaser. This also makes it easy for the editing team to make changes.

Short Sentences

You want to make sure that your message reaches every single person you are targeting. They must be able to understand your message. Short sentences are easy to understand. The editor can also easily get the required information from your press release. Long and complex sentences mean rejection. Even when you have to write a few lengthy sentences, they should be simple.

Not an Advertising Copy

This mistake is not only made by small companies, even large companies turn their press releases into advertising copies. Serious editors don’t appreciate this type of language. They want to post valuable content that educates their audience. So, reserve self-praise for social media ads. Editors don’t have time to strike the promotional content from your press release. The editor may even reject your press release.

Content Related Quotes

Also include quotes from CEOs and other key figures in the organization. However, the quote should convey further information.

Not too short and not too long

Your press release should be 350 to 700 words long. Editors prefer publishing shortened content. They publish optimized content. Editors use SEO tools. Don’t write a too long press release as the editor will either shorten it or reject it.

Established Technical Terms

Avoid using terms that are too technical. Use terms that your audience is familiar with. Even if you have to use technical terms, explain them in simple language.  

The best way to make sure that editors publish your press release is working with press release distribution services providers. You can also find a good press release example online. 

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