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Voluminous, long eyelashes are something we can only dream of. There are so many products that can be used to achieve this effect, like mascaras, false lashes, and lash extensions. The only problem with these items is that just that – they create an effect that doesn’t last! Women are now turning to explore new methods that grow eyelashes naturally. 

Are you looking for a way to grow eyelashes easily at home? Try some of the remedies mentioned below that women swear by. These are safe, natural, easy, and effective.  

Eyelash combing

We do the same with our hair, and it works. Use a brow brush to comb through your lashes once daily. When you do this, the blood flow around the lash roots is stimulated. Over time, the lashes appear healthy and longer. Combing also removes built-up eye makeup residue, debris, and dust too. 

Eyelash serums

A new trend is to use serums like Bimatoprost, castor oil on lashes. These potions contain all the right nutrients to help lashes grow. This remedy works if your lashes fall out a lot. It’s also safe and easy to use too. All you have to do is apply just one drop on the lashes and gently massage the oil in. Then leave it on for 10 minutes and wipe or wash off. You can even leave this on overnight for better results.  

See a trichologist

Alright, this isn’t exactly a remedy but one thing that should be taken seriously anyway. Do this if your lashes are in a really bad condition or if you are experiencing an allergic reaction to a product. Ask your trichologist about lash protecting products like Careprost Eye Dropthat brings us to our next point.

See an eye doctor

Lashes fall out when we have a serious underlying eye problem like high pressure or glaucoma. For this, we suggest stopping all your eye makeup and seeking professional help. You could benefit from using medicated products designed specifically for these issues. Always get your doctor’s diagnosis before using anything medicated, like Bimatoprost, for your eyes.    

Eat healthily

If your doctor gives your eyes a clean bill of health, then you can proceed to the next remedy. This one involves changing your diet and adding foods that are healthy for your hair. Foods that are rich in keratin are eggs, fish for the Omega-3 fatty acids, nuts for Vitamin E, and mushrooms for Vitamin B3. Such foods keep your eyes healthy, to begin with, and later make your follicles and lashes stronger and healthier.    

Avoid dying lashes

Your new hair color looks fantastic, but make sure that it stays on your head only!! Some people like dying their eyebrows and lashes to match their hair. This is dangerous and isn’t any real good for either of them. If done regularly, it can harm your eyes and lashes permanently. But if you have colored them and notice lots of losing eyelashes, try applying coconut oil or castor oil to condition them. Additionally, try Careprost Eye Drop to safeguard your eyes. 

Avoid trimming lashes

Some people trim their lashes for that well-groomed effect. What they do is gradually weaken the lash line and are eventually left with thin lashes. Never do this, instead use mascaras for groomed eyelashes. If you don’t like the feel of mascara daily, then try clear gel applied with a disposable mascara wand or brow brush. Alternatively, you can try applying castor oil overnight to achieve the same effect. Certain lash serums can help with smoothing out eyelashes, so you don’t have to rely on mascara or clear gel.    

Avoid lash extensions 

Lash extensions are applied artificially to your lashes. When they begin to fall out, they pull off some of your actual lashes! The trend should only be done occasionally as it’s a very extensive process. If you are planning on getting regular lash extensions, make sure to protect your real ones with Bimatoprost. Lash extensions weaken the lash line gradually, making it look thinner. Use a good eye serum to protect them and boost growth.

DIY serums

If you’re not sure about using commercially available eye serums, then you can make your own. All you need is a small glass bottle with a dropper – like the ones that you get your face serums in. Add in any natural oil that’s good for hair growth. You can try vitamin E oil, olive oil, or coconut oil. If it helps, you can even try adding a few drops of vitamin E oil with olive or coconut oil.  


Certain supplements have been formulated to boost hair and lash growth. This is one remedy to try when you don’t get the time to build a diet rich in the right nutrients. Supplements can never replace real food; so instead, use them along with the foods you eat. Look for supplements rich in biotin, protein, keratin, and Vitamin B12.

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