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ED is a condition that affects middle-aged to older men. Cardiologists, urologists, and endocrinologists often do diagnosis. Sexual function in men can be exacerbated with liver diseases—cirrhosis and drugs or treatments for the same effect. Adapting your lifestyle after receiving treatments can help reverse the symptoms.

Some men face ejaculation issues, poor sex drives – ED is when you cannot keep an erection. Even if you do have a healthy sex drive, your body might face problems. In most cases, there is a physical basis for this lack of physical response. 

Liver disease and ED are two issues that have to be addressed medically first. Once you receive and complete the treatment, only then can you carry on with life as usual. Of course, by that, we mean that you have to improve your lifestyle in many ways.   

Don’t use sexual stimulants. 

When undergoing liver treatments, do not attempt to take Viagra and other sexual stimulants. ED, reduced libido is expected during this time and it’s best to take it easy. The reason is simple – that mixing two very different kinds of medication is unhealthy. Usually, once your liver is healthy, you can start with sexual stimulants like Caverta 100 under a doctor’s advice. Failing to do so can put more strain on your body and lower the efficacy of the liver treatment you are undergoing simultaneously. 

Adapt your diet and lifestyle  

Liver issues show up when we smoke, drink, with obesity and consuming fatty or junk foods. All three can take a toll on your liver and destroy it in the process. They can even destroy blood flow to your penis. Once your liver is weak, the rest of your body also weakens – and that includes your sexual function. 

If this is the case, cut back on bad foods and change your diet. Along with that, try some exercises like jogging, running too. Once your liver health is back to normal, you can improve your performance in bed with Super Kamagra

Get a checkup done

Sometimes liver issues show up due to some other underlying medical issues. If you are healthy and notice some problems in bed, get a medical test and a full check-up done. In some cases, you could be diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease or NAFLD. 

NAFLD leads to increased risks of obesity, diabetes, and heart issues. Here, fat buildup occurs on the liver and doesn’t result in any external symptoms normally. A quick CT scan, abdominal ultrasound, or MRI will help identify if you have NAFLD.   

Check the drugs you use

If your doctor provides you with a clean bill of health, then check the medications you are using. Some supplements, herbs, and pills could be bad for your liver. It’s rarely the case, but sometimes your liver could be allergic to certain chemicals – usually those found in the medicines you take.

Always confirm with your physician before taking any of them. Additionally, you can move on to safer ED alternatives or Kamagra Gold to address sexual dysfunction. 

Check your vaccinations

Vaccinations for liver protection do exist. Ensure that you’re up to date with Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B inoculations. These protect your liver from these two deadly liver diseases – that are normally detected when it’s far too late. These normally result in decreased libido, ED, and fatigue. Visit your doctor if you notice any of these along with Hepatitis A/B symptoms – yellow eyes, nausea, dark urine, appetite loss, diarrhea, tummy discomfort. 

Get tested for Hepatitis A/B and then follow the medical routine as prescribed. Once this liver condition is cleared up, you will notice the ED and other sexual issues dissipating. If not, then work with your doctor to address the ED. Normally you might be given some supplements to treat the ED. Alternatively, you can ask if using Fildena 100 might be useful for the ED. 

Psychological factors

Mental health issues like stress, anxiety and even depression can affect liver health and performance anxiety. These factors can act alone or along with underlying physical issues resulting in ED. For this, you have to approach the causes of the stress and anxiety that you have so you can get healthy. When you do, you’ll notice an immediate jump in your well-being. If you do face performance anxiety in bed, check why that is. Take a vacation from work, so you can relax a bit. You can try stimulant supplements like Super Kamagra to increase blood flow during sex. 

Heart Diseases 

ED is one of the early outcomes of heart problems, stroke, etc. If you have been diagnosed with ED, get a heart check-up done. There are chances that you might have one issue and not the other – but the link has been medically connected. 

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