Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024
How to manage your restaurant billing counter without hassles

The worst nightmare a restaurateur can ever go through is the never ending arguments at the billing counter. The undue delays in bill processing and a billing machine that turns faulty make life terrible for restaurant managers. Gone are those days when restaurants used to depend on the legacy, manually operated billing machines. The ideal solution for this problem is a modern day restaurant billing software that not only performs the function of billing but also ticketing, invoicing, and printing Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT). It supports many other functions such as Marketing, CRM campaigns and Feedback systems that ultimately help you bring down manual work and cut down costs.

Highlights of the modern day restaurant billing software

The modern day, cloud based restaurant POS software is the hottest technology and it is slowly replacing the on-premise POS software. By on-premise POS software, we mean the heavy restaurant billing software machine at your restaurant. It involves huge initial investment and is not dependable when it comes to data storage and security. One more drawback is that it can be operated only from your restaurant. The following are the benefits of the cloud based restaurant billing software.

Data storage – Unlike the legacy software where the data is stored on your local server, POS software uses remote servers for storing data. The threat of data loss or leakage is high while using a local server. As there is a surge in the online food ordering platforms and online table booking, there is an enormous amount of valuable data that you cannot afford to lose. By just making an incremental investment you can move to the cloud based remote servers, which is trusted by millions of users worldwide.

More secure – The data stored on remote servers is far safer than cloud servers. It offers you protection from spamming and phishing attacks.

Device independent – Irrespective of the device or the platform you are using, POS software can be run on phone or tablet, iOS or Android. It also offers the luxury of accessing it from the comfort of your home.

Low initial investment – The low cost of setting up and small monthly subscription fee make the POS software an attractive proposition.

Frequent software updates – Unlike the traditional POS system, there is no risk of POS software getting obsolete. The periodic software updates ensure that you are using the latest software.  

Parting words 

The latest trends in technology are transforming the restaurant industry like never before. It’s high time to switch to cloud based POS systems and restaurant billing software so that you do not lag behind the competitors.

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