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One of the most important parts of creating a course is knowing how to market online courses. Most of your marketing will involve creating digital assets that let you build an email list. We’ve outlined the three best marketing channels for promoting your course.

All Channels Use Your Lead Magnet

No matter which of the following channels you use, the key to how to market an online course is to have a lead magnet. This is something you offer potential clients in exchange for their email addresses. It can be an eBook, webinar access, a masterclass, or something else.

This is because your ultimate goal with marketing is to gather email addresses. This gives you complete control over your list without having to worry about changes to algorithms on Google or social media. It also gives you the power to continue marketing to the lead for as long as it takes.

#1. Searchable Assets

The first method of how to market your online course is by creating searchable assets. Include your lead magnet in the searchable asset so that when someone views your asset, they will also see the lead magnet. They will find it interesting and give you their email address in exchange for it. The great thing about searchable assets is that they are always there – they are evergreen.


The best channel for a searchable asset is YouTube. If you can post videos about once a week, you will build a long list of searchable content on YouTube and attract attention. Then, include the lead magnet in your video description. Importantly, put it in the top line. This way, people don’t have to open the description to see it.


You can also create blogs as searchable assets. These will take advantage of SEO to appear on search results. Then, when people read your blog, they will see your lead magnet.

#2. Social Assets

The biggest difference between social assets and searchable assets is that social assets aren’t evergreen and they aren’t always searchable. Some social assets are searchable, but not all. Some great options for social assets include Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok. TikTok is somewhat a searchable asset in addition to a social asset.

Your social asset looks like a following on these social media platforms. You build up a following with regular posts and engagement. And include a link to your lead magnet in your bio. Don’t link to your homepage; link to your lead magnet.

#3. Paid Ads

Paid ads are the final top channel for how to market your online course. Be strategic and link your paid ads to your lead magnet, not your sales team. Remember that your goal is to get leads’ email addresses.

While paid ads are important, they should not be your focus. The best ways how to market online courses will be via social and searchable assets. The ads are there to supplement these things.


How to market an online course means creating searchable and social assets and using paid ads. All of these should direct people to a lead magnet, so you can gather email addresses. Having email addresses means you don’t have to rely on any platform, so algorithm changes won’t set back your marketing.

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