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Engagement rings and wedding diamond bands have been worn to articulate a couple’s mutual love and commitment for their whole life. Affluent in sentiments and signifies your promise to each other, your engagement ring and wedding diamond band should complement each other in every way. Pairing your engagement ring with a wedding diamond band can be like an unattainable art form. Nowadays there are so many options from which you can select the best one for you so the process can get immense.

But how will you know that the wedding diamond band which you have chosen is the perfect one to enhance your engagement ring. So we are here to take the headache of your wedding diamond band shopping and have put together this guide to follow when choosing your perfect wedding diamond band for your engagement ring. Read on to discover our voguish tips on how to create your dream bridal wedding ring set

How to select a complimentary wedding band

As you delve yourself into the world of various wedding bands, here are few factors to consider:

  1. Set your gemstone preference: As we all know that diamonds are the most popular choice but they are not the only option available for your engagement ring and wedding band. You can go for colorful gemstones or moissanite gemstones with high durability and more brilliance. There are various options for colored gemstones available like sapphire, yellow diamonds, black diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and many more. You can go with colored gemstones to give a bit of spice to your engagement ring which will create a unique contrast and draw everyone’s attention.
  2. Determine the setting technique: When you are selecting your perfect wedding diamond band you need to determine the setting and how it will complement or contrast with your existing engagement ring. The term setting refers to how the gemstone will be held to the band. The most popular wedding band settings are:
  • U-shaped: The u shaped setting generally cups the stone to give u shaped cutout in the band. The stone is secured properly with 4 metal prongs that give a stone a beautiful brilliance effect.
  • Pave: A pave setting is a group of small gemstones that together line the band and creates an illusion of a pathway that attracts the eyes to the center stone of the engagement ring.
  • Prong basket: Basically a prong basket setting creates tiny little baskets which use metal prongs to suspend the stone above the metal band.
  • Bezel: It is a very popular and secure ring setting for both engagement rings and wedding bands. In a bezel setting the stone is secured in a custom-made metal rim that creates an exquisite framing effect.
  • Compass: In a compass setting every metal prong of stone is surrounded by the cardinal points of a compass. So the results are a four-prong that is held on the stone top, on the bottom of the stone, to the right and left of the stone.

Every wedding band setting will highlight your chosen stone beautifully and uniquely. Also, it will depend on your personal preference as well. So don’t hesitate to create a playful drama with contrasting settings or you can choose to go with multiple bands to add some dimension.

  1. Select a band style: There are three band styles you can choose from i.e. multi-row bands, eternity bands, and ½ or ¾ way bands.
  • Eternity bands: have vibrant stones that entirely enfold the band. It’s a perfect option for those who are looking for a ring that brings attention. With all diamonds around the band, they illustrate your never-ending love with your life partners.
  • ½ or ¾ bands: hold halfway or three-quarters of the way surrounding the band. This band style flaunts the metal color which allows a dramatic playfulness when you pair your wedding band with an engagement ring.
  • Multi-row bands: They have been in demand for some time now and obviously for good reasons. It features gemstones in various rows to give an exceptional glamour to your engagement ring.
  1. Choose a metal color: Last but not least is to pick your meta color. You can choose various metal colors to create an enchanting contrast with your diamond engagement ring. You can go with the following metal finishes:
  • Platinum/ white gold
  • Rose gold
  • Yellow gold

A coherent gold or platinum band will invariably be a classic option. They will beautifully complement a solitaire engagement ring and will complete the look while drawing all the attention to the middle gemstone. Also Gold or platinum bands are a great option for those who want to wear their wedding band solely. And yellow gold metal will no longer be out of fashion and will remain with you for your future anniversaries.


No matter what engagement ring or wedding diamond band you select, what is most important is the meaning of the rings. Individually everybody has their own stories, the engagement ring and wedding band express one’s story of life as a united couple. They give tangible proof of your special moments, occasions, and emotions that you have enjoyed together.

So there is no beginning or end, your bridal wedding ring and engagement ring are a beautiful reflection of you and your life partner as soul mates and reflect a symbol of your love together, now and till infinity.

The great news is: when it comes to choosing a wedding diamond band to compliment your engagement ring then there is nothing right or wrong. Turn out a vintage aesthetic, or turn heads with astonishing glamour, you will find the perfect wedding diamond band out there for you. 

Above all, if you are looking for the best inexpensive wedding bands then you are at the right place. So do not forget to check out our collection of bridal wedding ring sets. From classic, detailed wedding diamond bands to more elegant and traditional designs, Dazzling Rock has a wide range of wedding diamond bands to suit your personal style and budget.


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