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Jewellery has always been favoured by women throughout the centuries. In every culture, women adorn themselves with jewellery to make themselves look beautiful. From rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets and even toe-rings, every woman knows that all you need to pull an outfit together are a few pieces of these much-loved jewellery items. Accessories can really make your look feel complete, and sadly, it can feel a little daunting if you don’t know how to accessorize. These days, the more, the better, and mixing and matching your jewellery- and doing it well- is all the more important. You may have an eye for great jewellery, but have no idea how to actually wear them. Here are a few tips on how to mix and match jewellery to create a stunning look:

  1. Mix Metals: At one time, it was a practice to only wear one type of metal. Beautiful sets of gold or silver were chosen and only worn, one at a time. These days, mixing your metals is all the rage. If you love your gold wedding jewellerybut don’t know how you can make use of it with your other outfits, this is how. Use those heavy gold earrings to add class to that simple collarless top along with your wedding bracelet and a few other bracelets of different metals. Once you play around with a few combinations, you will soon start to find pairings you would have never thought would look good together.Do your favorite gold jewellery online shopping as per your choice. 
  2. Add Some Layers: A way to make use of all your various necklaces is to layer them based on either length or thickness. When opting to layer necklaces, going for size is the right option. You can wear your longer necklaces with shorter ones to give your appearance a unique look. When layering bracelets, you should think more along the line of thickness. Wear a few chunky ones with a few other slim bracelets to create your own style. The same can be done with your anklets.
    When stacking rings, keep them simple and slim so as not to make everything look too clustered. If you like, you can also wear one ring on each finger, and this way make use of the chunkier styles. Avoid layering everything in one shot. Choose to layer your necklaces on one day and try out the bracelets on the other.
  3. Add A Pop Of Colour:Mixing metals is not the only way that you can make your usual sets unique and fresh. Go on and add a colourful piece to your silver or gold jewellery sets to make them a lot more exciting.
  4. Choose A Centrepiece:Decide on what piece you want to be the centrepiece and accessorize everything around it. Try to keep the rest of your jewellery subtle, but in a tone that accentuates and complements the eye-catching piece. If you have just got a new bling watch, wear some slim bracelets around it. Your look will be unique, yet your watch will still be the centre of attention.

When you start playing around with your jewellery, you will notice that there are so many different ways that you can wear them to make the same old pieces look new and exciting.

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