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Ergonomic Office Chairs

Glenn Turner once said, “worrying is like a rocking chair, it gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere.” Keeping the worry aside and focusing about getting somewhere in life – the one place you can go that, is at work. Epic Office Furniture states that an individual spends anywhere from two hours to 10 hours in their office chairs. The journey that each one takes during that time to better themselves and make something out of themselves is a massive amount. Imagine those many hours of being uncomfortable on one’s chair. That can not only pose a huge threat to one’s health and posture, but also to one’s productivity. Finding the right ergonomic office chairs is key to the health of employees, and directly affects their productivity at work. 

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Discovering many types of ergonomic chairs for your office space! 

With the plethora of businesses manufacturing chairs and the abundance of shops selling them, it can be quite hard to find the right ergonomic chairs without any solid knowledge about seating solutions. In order to reap the benefits of choosing the right kind of seating, it’s key to understand different types of ergonomic office chairs. Consider all the different chairs before finding the right fit for your office space. 

Standard Ergonomic Chairs: A standard ergonomic chair can be seen everywhere – from offices to homes, they are available everywhere. These standard ergonomic chairs include just the basic features that all office chairs must have, such as – lumbar support, adjustable backrests, and adjustable armrests. The foam padding on each differs from company to company. This is the simplest version of standard ergonomic chairs that has seat cushion for office chair.

How Poor Ergonomic Chairs Cause Worker Problems

As mentioned above, while considering the design of a work environment, it is an important facet to consider ergonomics. The best ergonomic office chairs optimize functionality for individuals using it and provide ample comfort, support, efficiency, and effectiveness while working.

Importance of Ergonomic Office Furniture

When workspaces provide ergonomic furniture, it provides an apt environment build to meet all the specific needs of an office employee. Take, for example, if an individual works at an office that has all ergonomic furniture, and on the other hand, there’s an office space with only one furniture that is ergonomic in nature, the employee with more ergonomic furniture will triumph over the ones without. Their productivity will be hampered. 

Results of Poor Ergonomic Furniture

Most employers and individuals don’t understand that poor furniture quality can cause a variety of health issues that leads to inefficiency in the quality and quantity of work performed. Here’s an attempt to prove that there is a direct relationship between the choice of office furniture and work done.

Here’s how: 


  • Health Issues: Non-ergonomic furniture can lead to employees’ bad health. The human body is designed to get accustomed to the various conditions put forward by nature, but this adjustment can be made over short periods of time, not in a permanent state. If an individual keeps adjusting themselves in a wrong way than permissible by their body, it can lead to many health conditions and serious ailments in the long run. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair over long periods of time can cause pain in the buttocks region and further irritate the skin there, causing further pain. It can also hamper one’s posture and cause stress to the muscular-skeletal system. IT causes hurt in the tendons, and nerves can become pressed, causing permanent injury in the long run. 


  • Efficiency in Work: When components of all office furniture are not up to the specifications required for the optimal performance of employees, work will keep getting disrupted, and this can cause inefficiency. When an employee is inefficient or in pain due to health issues caused by the problems posed by non-ergonomic furniture, it can performance levels and affect the quality and quantity of the work expected daily.


How to select an office ergonomic chair? 


Before purchasing a chair for yourself, always note if they fulfill these qualities: 


  • Ease in Adjustment: While working in an office space, the chairs in the office need to be adjusted quickly and easily. Any four-legged chair restricts movement. Getting a portable chair with armrests and added levels of mobility when turning to the sides is ideal conditions for the use of an office ergonomic chair. The levers used to adjust the height, backrest position, and the armrest in a chair should be easily accessible and must also take shorter spans of time to make the change. Once that is established, we can go forward with the next quality while purchasing the apt ergonomic chair
  • Quality of Construction: Paying attention to the fact that most office chairs are going to be used on a frequent basis and adjusted frequently as well, note that it is absolutely essential that all ergonomic office chairs be made with high standards. Not only must they be made, keeping in mind the highest quality but also the highest construction methodology. The chair bases and casters must be made with a strong material as they need to hold up the weight of a whole person. As the levers on the chairs are going to be meddled with on a regular basis, they need to be made with the highest quality in construction; if not, they may just break off.


If you, as a businessman and office personnel, are looking forward to buying ergonomic wholesale chairs for the entire office, then be sure to go through the brief note on discovering the many types of office chairs, the importance of owning ergonomic furniture and chairs. Learning about the problems of poor ergonomic chairs and the problems one faces due to it will help you make a sound choice when purchasing them yourself. 

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