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How to Pack Clothes for Moving House

Moving house can be an exciting and stressful experience. As well as offering the opportunity to make a change and start over, moving house involves a lot of work and packing issues. You may think that clothes can be simply put in suitcases and travel bags and transported, but it is not that simple. A good arrangement is needed to facilitate your work later. Clothes weigh a lot, and you should make sure that they are safe and dry when they are transported from your old home to your new home. To pack clothes, you should plan ahead and use quality packaging materials. If you need interstate removalist, you can trust it to our service.

Take out all the clothes and do some sorting. Over time, clothes will pile up all over the place without you knowing it. To carry out sorting, you first need to get all the clothes out of the wardrobe, drawers, attic, and from the baskets under the bed. Put clothes on the floor, or on the bed. Start sorting them by color, size, and material. After determining the category, place each item in the appropriate pile. Start adjusting the size of the boxes and suitcases. If the pile of clothes is relatively small, you can place them in smaller boxes. More piles should be matched by larger suitcases or boxes.

Get rid of unnecessary clothes. Now is a good time to try on old clothes that you haven’t worn in 10 years. Check your clothes for mold, camphor, fleas, moths, and so on. Sniff it to see if the clothes smell musty. Determine whether the clothes are out of date or not. Once you’ve unpacked your wardrobe, you’ll have a pile of outdated, small, and worn clothes that you should just throw away.

Set aside the clothes to be worn. You may not have time to unpack everything on the first day of your new home. So, pack some clothes in a small, wearable bag when you first arrive at your new home. Don’t forget to prepare clothes to wear on the move day, including underwear and socks. Pack the items you will need when you get to your new home in separate boxes. It could be not just clothes, but also toothbrushes, deodorants, hairspray, and so on.

Use old clothes to pack glassware. When moving house, you may have to transport glassware, such as plates, glasses, and so on. Wrap these items in disposable clothing. Choose clothes that match the shape and size of the item. If the item is an elongated size, you can slip it into the trouser pipe. For wide plates, use a t-shirt. Arrange these items carefully by stacking them or placing them side by side. Do not slam objects or drop them from a height.

Leave some clothes in the chest of drawers. If you are going to take the wardrobe to a new home, just leave some clothes in it. You can leave light clothes like underwear, socks, t-shirts, and so on and pull out sweatpants, jeans, jackets, and the like. After that, you can decide whether to transport the cabinet as a whole or to dismantle its parts. Enlist the help of someone who is large, or has the strength of the arm to move the wardrobe.

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