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You can’t call yourself a fashionable man if you don’t own a variety of men’s chronograph watches. They have been around for so long and remain the top watch choices for sophisticated and stylish men. Basically, these timepieces are designed to feature a stopwatch that can be used to monitor the lapse of time. The modern ones come with a plethora of features that are helpful in many small ways. We also recommend them because of their aesthetic appeal.

Real chronograph men’s watches are not often cheap. This is understandable because of their overall appeal. It is important, however, that you get value for the money you spend on top chronograph luxury watches for men. How do you make sure that you are buying a valuable watch? You have to be careful and research extensively before making a decision. Why go through all the stress when we are here to help. Straightaway, we will review a few of the most expensive men’s chronograph watches from Filippo Loreti to make things easier for you.

Ascari Grand Prix GP 1953 Chronograph Watch for Men

A little fact about Alberto Ascari: he is one of Italy’s best-loved sportsmen. It is likely that you know this. Do you also know that he competed in motorcycle racing before making the switch to cars? Or that he is Ferrari’s only Italian champion to date. Enough about the legendary driver. We only wanted to highlight his achievement because of the fact that his legacy inspired this watch and others in the Ascari-series. This is a befitting watch for a champion and has everything you need to complete your wonderful gentleman outfit. There are so many wonderful things about the design, but we are particularly impressed by the tachymeter scale inscribed around the rim of the timepiece.

Odyssey Two Tone Gold Blue Link Chronograph Watch for Men

There is something spectacular about the watches in the Odyssey series that will make us want to recommend them for every perfect gentleman. They are mostly designed to look lovely in a brilliant, masculine way. The coloured blue dial of this particular watch is inspiring. Honestly, it will appeal to everyone, including those who understand fashion and those who know close to nothing about men’s watches. The slight touches of gold all over the dial and the way it is used to rim it perfectly scream class. The stainless steel link bracelet is also very lovely. There are several other impressive things about this watch that we can’t even highlight here.

Ascari Two Tone White Link 2020 Edition Chronograph Watch for Men

Another exceptional men’s chronograph stainless steel watch from the Ascari series, this 2020 edition of the Two Tone White Link is as massive as you can expect any luxury men’s chronograph watch to be. It is a trendy watch that will give your wrist a distinctive look in 2020 and coming years. The gold-rimmed white dial has a simple yet perfect design. The luminous hands and indexes will help you read the time even in a poorly lit environment. The watch has several other important features you will get to discover and enjoy when you buy it.

Why Filippo Loreti Chronograph watches Chronograph Watch for Men

You will observe that the three watches featured here are all from the same manufacturer, Filippo Loreti. There are concrete reasons for this. We believe that their watches are the best expensive watches to buy because of many reasons. Firstly, they are not really expensive. Filippo Loreti is probably the only top watchmaker you can trust for men’s chronograph watches under 200. Their watches are mostly affordable because they bypass middlemen and sell directly to their customers. This means nothing is added to the original price of each premium watch for their customers.

Another major reason we believe these are the best men’s watches with chronograph is because of the way they are manufactured. Filippo Loreti’s watches are not mass-produced. Rather, they are made according to orders placed by genuine customers. This implies that only small batches are in stock, and you will get watches that are made according to your order. The quality of their men’s chronograph watches for sale is also superb.


Expensive men’s chronograph watches offer real value for your money. You need to buy these watches from the right sources to avoid getting something that is less valuable than the price you pay. We have recommended the top three options from Filippo Loreti you should consider. If you want to check out more options, simply view their collections here: https://shop.filippoloreti.com/collections/mens-chronograph-watches


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