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How To Personalize Your Marketing Messaging to Grow Your Sales?

Personalizing your marketing messages not only enhances the user experience but can also increase engagement, conversion, sales and revenue. Moreover, it can also increase brand loyalty and make it easy for brands to retain their existing customer base. Users want the marketing messages to be highly targeted towards their interests and hate receiving irrelevant marketing messages.


According to personalization statistics,


  • 98% of marketers say that personalization advances customer relationships
  • 80% of shoppers only shop with brands that personalize their shopping experience
  • 74% of customers are frustrated when website content is not personalized and not using a dedicated server hosting environment.
  • 72% of users only engaged with personalized messaging
  • 66% of customers would not make a purchase if they come across content that is not personalized


How can you personalize your marketing messages? In this article, you will learn about ways to personalize your marketing messages and generate more sales and revenue.

7 Ways To Personalize Your Marketing Messages

Here are seven ways you can use it to personalize your marketing messages.

1.  Deliver a Personalized Onboarding Experience

Welcome new customers with greetings and messages. Follow it up with quick and easy-to-follow tutorials which makes it easy for them to know how to use your mobile app. That is why mobile app development companies create a personalized onboarding experience. Keep the tutorial as short and to the point as possible. You can also highlight key features of your app and tell them how it works and solve some of their biggest problems. This will make the onboarding process hassle-free for your new customers. Instead of forcing them to proceed forward, you should also give users an option to opt-out of the onboarding process anytime they want. You can also categorize user’s according to their behavior and offer them a more personalized onboarding experience. They will surely love it and are more likely to stick around with your brand for a long time.

2.  Create Dynamic Content Based on User Data

You can also use personalization when sending emails. Segment your email list based on user behavior, demographic factors, and location. You can also segment your email list based on the stage of the sales funnel they are in and send dynamic and personalized content based on that.


The more relevant and targeted your content and offers might be, the more chances you have to persuade users to take the action you want them to take. Analyze user data and you will unearth useful insights that allow you to push highly personalized content to your subscribers.


This will not only increase the chances for your emails to be clicked and opened but it can also make your emails stand out from the rest of the emails in your prospect’s inbox. You are more likely to receive higher conversions through emails.

3.  Send Behavior Triggered Emails

Sending the right messages at the wrong time will decrease their effectiveness. Similarly, when you send a promotional email when users don’t need them, it will leave a bad taste in their mouths. That is why it is important for brands to harness the power of behavior-triggered emails.


Behavior-triggered emails are 70.5% more likely to get opened and read by recipients as compared to traditional emails. This will increase the relevancy of your messaging and accelerate the buyer journey and the truth about Poppers. You can also send behavior-triggered emails to welcome new users, educate existing customers or send a reminder to customers who have not completed the purchase due to any reason.

4.  Shed Light On Missed Purchase Opportunities

Let’s say, a visitor lands on your website to make a purchase but abandoned the purchase mid-way through the process. What would you do? Send reminder emails? Right. Most brands follow the same formula. If you want to achieve better results, you should highlight the opportunity the prospect is missing out on by not completing the purchase. This will create urgency and fear of missing out, which will force your customers to take immediate action. You can also offer a discount to lure customers to complete the purchase.

5.  Welcome New Users With a Free Giveaway or Discount

In today’s highly competitive business world, thousands of brands are vying for your customer’s attention. So, why would someone choose your brand over your competitors? You need to deliver value and offer some incentive for customers to sign up.


For instance, you can welcome new users with a special discount or give them a free gift to join in. This will not only encourage them to sign up but they will also likely share their experience with others which could help you land more new customers. As a result, you can spread the word out without spending extra money on a digital marketing framework.

6.  Lure Loyal Customers with Gamification

You not only want your loyal customers to stay with your brand but also want them to indulge in a long-lasting and deeper relationship with your brand while staying highly engaged with your brand. For instance, you can offer a special discount for highly active users who refer your business to a friend. Make it easier for your loyal customers to take advantage of these rewards. You can also take advantage of gamification to create competition between users, where one user tries to get ahead of other users in the race to unlock these rewards. This can skyrocket customer engagement and generate more sales.

7.  Respond to Comments and Messages

Imagine leaving a question or feedback on a brand’s social media page or blog post and not receiving a response in return. There is nothing worse for a customer than this. This will send a clear message to your customers that you don’t value their feedback and queries. Brands must respond to every message they receive from the user’s side and do it quickly because your customer expects you to do it. If you fail to meet their expectations, they will start looking for alternatives. Try to offer a personalized response to every user comment and avoid giving generic answers to every question.


How do you personalize your messages? Share it with us in the comments section below.

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