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Web Designer Dubai

Web Designing is basically website designing and it is extremely important to create an informative website in today’s world to attract the clients and showcase what your business has to offer. A good website talks about the products and services a company provides, shows the testimonials of other clients and it is easy for the client to locate the information to contact you.

There are many technicalities which one needs to keep in mind while designing a good website.

Let’s have a look at the methodologies which create appealing and robust websites.

Robust Security system on the website

If your website stores any kind of customer data (even for the customers who visited the site and an automatic pop-up asks them to fill in their name, address, e-mail ID for newsletters etc.), there should be security measures to protect that data.

There are a lot of companies which look for such data for their unsolicited mail and phone campaigns.

If you have any kind of payment associated with your website, then you have to have extreme measures to safeguard that data. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology is used by the payment gateways, however since the customer is making a payment to your website; s/he should get the feeling that your website is secured enough. There should be clear documents displaying the security measures followed by your website available for the customer to read and make an informed choice.

What does a website need besides the basics, sticky elements, and redirects? A recovery tool like Emergency Recovery Script! This WordPress-independent PHP script is a magical tool for restoring sites and providing admin access in minutes that every site simply must have!

User-friendly and responsive

The first layout for a successful Web Design is making is user friendly. You have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and see how the layout design should be. If you are planning to put explainer videos to explain about your products and services, it is better to put them in a separate section.

If the customer’s internet connection is slow, it takes a lot of time for the videos to upload and often the website crashes making it inconvenient for the potential customer.

If you are an e-commerce company, then you should make the experience of shopping pleasant for the customer. There should be ways to save the addresses to save the hassle of the customer to type it again. Also there should be links to ”you recently viewed” and ”similar products” to help the customer to choose better.

If there is a comparison matrix for the customer to compare various products, it is an added advantage and many e-commerce websites have introduced this feature. The links for ”return policy”, ”privacy policy” and ”contact us” should be clearly visible and is advised to place them at the top navigation pane.

In order to make it extremely responsive, you can have a chat customer support center and the moment any potential customer opens the link, the chat window should open up and the representative should check if the customer needs any help. Most of these chat support systems are not well managed and does not talk about the hours of operation and the chat pop ups do not close even when the contact center is not functioning. This gives a bad service to the customer and they leave your site with a negative impression.

Seamless internet traffic management

Many successful websites often make mistakes in gauging the internet traffic when they launch any promotion and the sites crash. This not only causes a situation when you lose out on business, you also lose out on your company’s reputation.

The customer often becomes skeptical to shop from your website in future wondering what if his/her payment does not go through, or is lost midway. There are many issues with the ”product returns” link if the internet traffic is not managed properly.

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