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Facial sagging skin and noticeable folds can leave you looking for procedures to improve your facial appearance. While many methods are available to enhance your skin, facelift surgery can give you remarkable results. You can turn to a qualified Fort Worth cosmetic surgeon to perform the procedure and restore your youthful-looking skin.

One of the best strategies to prepare for the procedure is to look for a qualified cosmetic surgeon. You can research online, look up reviews or ask your primary healthcare provider to give you a referral.

How to prepare

Once you have a qualified professional to perform the procedure, follow their pre-op instructions that, include the following:

Stop smoking

If you smoke, your specialist will insist you stop smoking a few weeks before and after the procedure. Smoking affects your immune system and limits your body’s ability to transport nutrients. Consider eliminating alcohol consumption so that your body is free of alcohol content during surgery.

Set aside time for recovery

Facelift surgery requires ample time for you to heal. Before you go under the knife, ensure you have secured time off from work or school. You will need to rest and avoid running errands while you recover. Ensure a friend or family member is ready to drive you home after the treatment process.

Do not eat or drink on the morning of surgery

On the day of the procedure, do not eat or drink before the surgery. Your doctor will advise you against eating because you will be under general anesthesia, which might cause side effects such as nausea.

What happens during the procedure?

During the procedure, your specialist will administer general anesthesia to make you comfortable. Using small incisions, your doctor will tighten deep tissues and reposition your facial skin, cutting off excess and stitching you up to close the incisions.

Recovery tips

A successful recovery requires following your cosmetic doctor Sydney instructions, including keeping your incisions clean to avoid infection. Other recovery tips include:

Elevating your head

Your doctor will recommend sleeping with your head elevated for the first few weeks after treatment. The elevation will help to reduce fluid retention and swelling, which can delay healing and recovery. You can use a recliner or pillows to prop up your head.

Avoiding vigorous exercises

Vigorous exercise after your surgery can result in bleeding and affect your recovery process. You should rest for the first two weeks and avoid heavy lifting, which can strain your facial muscles and stitches. While you should avoid touching your face unnecessarily after treatment, it is also important you sleep alone to avoid someone touching your face accidentally.

Avoiding alcohol and smoking    

Your specialist will advise you against drinking alcohol and smoking since they interfere with your immune system. If you must continue to smoke, you must wait until you are fully healed.

If you want to improve your facial appearance through surgery, visit 817 Surgical Arts for facelift surgery. Qualified cosmetic surgeons will carefully examine your face and skin concerns before they can perform the highly customized procedure. Call or book your appointment online to improve your appearance.

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