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France is the first country to have a national lung cancer screening program. The program is called “Moovcare” and it was created by the French government with the help of a mobile application. The app is used to detect early signs of lung cancer, which can be easily treated if detected early enough.

The Moovcare application can be downloaded for free on an Android or iPhone device and it takes around 10 minutes to complete. It will take some pictures of your lungs, listen to your breathing and then send you a report with recommendations based on your health status.

The French National Cancer Institute has found that this app has saved more than 1,000 lives in just two years since its launch!

The app that saves lives in France is a mobile application called Moovcare. It is an early detection system with a focus on lung cancer. The creators of the app are two doctors, Dr. Alexandre Marlier and Dr. Guillaume Veyron, who have developed an algorithm that can detect lung cancer with 95% accuracy using only a smartphone camera.

This app has been designed to be used by people who live in France and speak French so it is not available for use outside of the country yet but it is currently working to translate it into English and other languages.

The app is called moovcare and it was created by two French doctors. The idea behind the app is to help people with lung cancer, who are smokers or ex-smokers, to quit smoking.

The application has a quiz that assesses the risk of lung cancer and then provides personalized tips, advice and health information. It also helps them monitor their progress in quitting smoking.

The Moovcare application is a mobile app that helps French citizens to detect lung cancer in its early stages. The app uses AI to analyze the voice of the user and compares it with a database of voice samples from people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer.

The Moovcare application uses artificial intelligence to analyze the voice of the user and compare it with a database of voice samples from people who have been diagnosed with lung cancer.

The app is called Moovcare and it is developed by a French company. It has been designed to help people with lung cancer. The app can be downloaded for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Moovcare is a mobile application that helps people with lung cancer cope with the disease and its side effects. The app provides information about the progression of the disease, as well as treatment options and medication management in a clear, accessible way.

The app was created by French company Moovcare in collaboration with medical doctors and experts in oncology, palliative care, psychology and human sciences.

Moovcare is a new application that is revolutionizing the way lung cancer patients are being treated in France. The app uses artificial intelligence to detect and diagnose early stages of lung cancer.

The app is currently being used in Paris, but if successful it will be rolled out all over France.

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