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The simplest way to sell music on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon is by using a music distributor who can distribute your songs to any or all the major sites in one go. You don’t need to be signed to a record company to have your music distributed through the major online music retailers and streaming services.

You don’t have to be preoccupied with confusion and license conflicts that come while working for a record label. Furthermore, if you are successful in gaining many streams for your music, you will be able to keep most of your royalties. All these benefits can be availed through MusicDigi. You can upload your music on their site, and they distribute it on major streaming platforms like Apple Music, iTunes, etc. you will also get paid every time your fans download or buy your music. 

Most platforms, especially if you’re on a ‘free’ plan, can take a small cut of the money you make when you sell your songs online. On the other hand, certain platforms offer membership costs that are way too low. 

Getting Music on Spotify and iTunes

As a freelance musician, the first priority should be to ensure that your music is good enough to be heard all over the world. Before you get your music on Spotify, make sure you know how to sing or generate beats that are worth listening to. And, if you love playing an instrument, polish your skills to play a stringed instrument or the piano prior to recording your song.

If you believe your music is good enough to be assessed by strangers, you should promote it wherever everyone is listening. How? Unless you’re signed to a label, you’ll have to work with a collaborator or music distributor like MusicDigi to get your music onto these various platforms.

Process to get your music on iTunes and Spotify

  • Sign up for a music distributor.
  • Select the type of information you’ll be distributing (single or album).
  • Bring in an artist and release all music information.
  • Upload your audio files, create a design, and add song information.
  • Choose the platforms where you want your song to be heard.
  • Pick a release date.
  • Confirm all the information and submit the form.

Your music will be prepared for the Spotify library, as well as libraries from other services. If you’re looking for a means to sell your music on Amazon, go no further just enroll with a music distributor and they will upload it on various platforms. When your fan buys it from Amazon you get paid 100%.

Recorded music sales have been decreasing for nearly two decades. Nobody wants to go music shopping any longer. But don’t worry, if you distribute your music correctly, your music will still be available for purchase. 

I hope this post helped demonstrate how to move music to Spotify and iTunes. you can also upload our music directly on Apple Music and Spotify, but the amount you get is bare minimum. Choose a reliable music distributor to spread your music all over the world.

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