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You have probably heard of the Steinway piano, but have you ever heard about the company that created them? Steinway & Sons is a German-American piano company that was founded in Manhattan in 1853 by Heinrich Engelhard Steinway. Although he originally started the company in Hamburg, Germany, it has since expanded to New York City and has a factory in Hamburg, too. If you’re interested in purchasing a Steinway piano, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we’ll discuss the different models and their prices.

Model S

The Steinway Model S was introduced in 1936 as a smaller grand piano that was priced between $785 and $885. The smallest of the three models, the Model S is still an excellent instrument, but it is a little smaller than the flagship Model D. If space is an issue, the Model S might be the perfect choice for you. In addition, it features a Steinway soundboard and responsive action that can engage any style of music.

A Steinway model S Mason Hamlin Piano is the smallest grand piano in the Steinway line, measuring just over 5 feet long. It is also known as a “city grand” due to its compact size. While it lacks the grand’s hefty body, it delivers superb sound and the quality of grand piano craftsmanship. This piano is a great option for home and school use. You won’t regret investing in this wonderful instrument!

Another difference between the Model S and the grand is the height. The grand is 5’1″ high. The Steinway Model S is 5’1″ tall, with a hammerhead key action that allows you to play notes with great ease. You can even play the same notes over again if you want to. If you want to play with a grand piano without the high price tag, consider buying a Steinway Model S.

Model B

The Steinway Model B Mason Hamlin piano is one of the most popular choices among professional pianists, and many piano technicians prefer it to other models. Its large size and beautiful range of tone make it a great choice for practice, but it doesn’t take up nearly as much space as a large Model D. A Steinway Model B is ideal for high-level practice, and many smaller and medium-sized professional venues still use them as their primary performance pianos.

The earliest Model B pianos were built in the same style as Monitor Grands and featured an 85-note keyboard. The keys were capo-d-astro-bar-equipped and sold in several art case cabinet styles. The first 88-note Model B was introduced in 1891. It was made in the Hamburg factory, but was still referred to as a Model B. As early as 1877, the Model B was considered a great instrument for playing classical and popular music.

The Steinway Model B is built for longevity, and a professionally rebuilt Steinway will be noticeably clear. The action is perfectly balanced, responding to touch and pianissimo passages gracefully. You will never feel that your fingers are fighting to produce sound. The Steinway B piano’s dynamic range is astounding. The sound is full and ringing, and the Steinway’s high-quality action provides a consistent, powerful sound.

Model D

The world-famous Steinway Model D Mason Hamlin is one of the most iconic concert grands ever built. Its length is eight feet, eleven and a half inches (274 cm). The piano’s sound is perfect, and its touch responsiveness is unmatched. The model’s technological innovations are just as impressive, as it is the piano’s beauty. For example, the Spirio r is the world’s most advanced player piano and comes with an intuitive app for iPad.

The Model D features five solid spruce braces, each measuring 2,907 cubic inches. These braces provide high tensile strength while keeping the piano’s weight to a minimum. Maple dowels are used to fasten the braces to the rim, forming a seamless foundation. The treble bell is a cast iron ring that is attached to the underside of the rim at the treble bend. Steel bolts anchor the brace ends to a cross-block.

An authentic Steinway Model D piano costs approximately $171,100. Some models are hand-painted or adorned with precious stones. Some of the most expensive models include a white Steinway Model D with cuckoo clock legs. Alternatively, you can opt for one of the many limited-edition Steinways with price tags exceeding $2 million. It’s worth the investment to have a Steinway Model D piano with such a stunning design and sound.

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