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What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism can be defined as copying someone’s work or ideas without giving them credit. Sometimes people copy sentence structure but replace the words and document it as their own work. This sort of work will also be recognized as “plagiarized”.  Before you check for plagiarism, you should know that plagiarism can be circumvented just by giving credits or citing the original source. Removal of plagiarism is the most significant step for the acceptance of your work.

Why Is It Necessary to Remove Plagiarism?

In order to maintain a good reputation, you should create a plagiarism free document. The document which is plagiarized will lead toward worst results in the future.  Furthermore, your own ideas have more worth than any copied content.

How to Remove Plagiarism?

In simple words, we can say that plagiarism is deception because it involves stealing someone’s ideas and then presenting it as your own work.  There are many simple ways to remove plagiarism from your document. Some of them are as follows:

  1. Paraphrase: Plagiarism can be removed by embedding the authors’ name along with some word signals such as Says that, States that, as identified by, or Proclaims that etc.
  2. Citing your work.
  3. Giving references.

Specialized Tools:

Free of cost specialized plagiarism removing tools can help you out within a few minutes.  These tools are available online. They detect plagiarism, remove it, correct grammatical mistakes and many more.

DupliChecker; The Free Tool with A Lot of Features

This is an available online tool for detecting and removing plagiarism. You don’t have to register yourself before using it. Whenever you need to check for plagiarism Just provide all the required data and DupliChecker will deliver the results within a few seconds. Some other tools, for example, Plagtracker takes more than 30 minutes to deliver results. Online service of DupliChecker is managed by qualified team of experts; therefore, it delivers results within seconds.

Topography of DupliChecker

Plagiarism Checker:

It is one of the finest plagiarism detectors online along with other numerous purposes. To remove the plagiarism from your document the very first step is to detect plagiarism. Plagiarisms free work enhances the quality of your content. Now the question is how you can detect the plagiarism? DupliChecker’s online plagiarism checker tool is the answer! It will scan the internet to find out any sort of similar content. If DupliChecker finds out any similar content, it will display a similarity index. Results will be presented as follows:

  1. % plagiarism.
  2. % unique.
  3. % related meanings.

If DupliChecker finds no match, then you will receive a notification “no match detected” from the tool.

Rephrasing Tool:

If you want to rewrite any of your document by yourself, it will take a lot of time. you should have command on vocabulary. While keeping the integrity of the document, you will have to look for the right phrases. For the expression of your content in the new and astounding way, you can take help from DupliChecker paraphrasing tool. It is one of the best plagiarism remover for your content. This tool will provide fast and efficient results. All you have to do is pasting of your document in the given editor and within minutes you will have results.

Reverse Image Search Tool:

DupliChecker’s reverse image search tool make it sure that you will get plagiarism free content. It assists you in finding related and better resolution pictures in HD quality.  Just upload your picture, and you will have various alternative results.” Search engine report “and many other tools lack this unique feature of DupliChecker.

Pros of Using DupliChecker:

  • You don’t have to spend a single rupee because it is the best free plagiarism checker tool.
  • It will eliminate all unnecessary words and generate meaningful sentences.
  • Whenever you are in need to check for plagiarism DupliChecker is the best available option.
  • There are various tools trying to serve a similar purpose. For example, in the case of Grammarly or Plagiarisma, you have to download them first. This is not the case with DupliChecker. You can use it without downloading it.
  • There is bigger word limit as compared to other tools.

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