Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

There has been myriad of discussion about whether or not (RPA)  robotic process automation will radically impact business process outsourcers (BPOs).  Well, the BPOs are understanding the restrictions of labour arbitrage and hence seeking ways to enhance the productivity, reduce costs and get the competitive advantage by finishing core operations in a quick manner and accurate way.

You know RPA is something that addresses this challenge by presenting an option and serving as a wholly new method for BPOs to undertake and organize the processes across global industries. You can make the most of Automation in bpo once you explore it and use it in the right manner.

The foremost thing that you have to realise is that RPA shortens the lengthy span of inefficiency that constructs around ERP and back office systems. Processes like that of FAO (finance and accounting outsourcing), HR management, procurement and so on can get automated using RPA. The usage of RPA solutions is turning out to be increasingly common among mature BPOs permitting further innovation and progress.

How can you use RPA in the best manner?

A few simple, tried, effective and tested steps can head you to a successful RPA implementation in your business– Assess, Design, Construct, Test and Deploy. Have a look at them in more detail.

RPA feasibility

It is important that you prioritize processes based on fixed parameters and measure the impact across all stages.

The Future-state blueprint (Design)

Then you have to identify process changes to allow the automation, design releases and plan resources


Then you have to create low level design document, form up test environment and draw to-be procedure

Control environment(Test)

Then you should do robotics usage training, user acceptance testing, fallout management training, parallel run and quality check

Release for extensive usage(Deploy)

Then you need to live deployment for background processing, assign the users to queues, systems and user support, trailed by and live processing monitoring and analytics

The point is a complete approach to Robotics is needed for optimum outcome. It encompasses a high-end automation platform to diminish the human intervention to the utmost extent. Then it imbibes the aspect of Data management to force or power your decisions, and then you have to trust on a business operations platform to house the finest of operational nuances that hold the potential to enhanced process efficiencies. A blend of these three tenets bring long term and continued benefits from the implantation of Robotics.

The giveaway is apparent. In case you really call out RPA, the echo in return has to be ‘cost savings, enhanced agility’. And the numbers are not going to be small anymore.

The point is once you have RPA in your BPO business, you can experience efficiency, agility, effectivity, less burdens and most importantly error free experience for everyone. automation would never disappoint anyone with bloopers or silly errors.


Thus, you should use the robotic automation in bpo for the finest outcomes. Growth would be yours with the RPO solutions at play. Try the solutions out and if it works for you, go for it.

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