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There are boons and banes of being a homeowner. Whether you live in Vineland or any other part of the world, plumbing issues fall into the category of banes.

Did you know average household leaks waste up to 9400 gallons of water every year? Unaddressed plumbing problems not only haunt you at odd hours but hurt your wallet in more than one way. You pay extra bills, spend money on water damage restoration and replacements.

What’s the right way to deal with it? DIY repairs can suffice for several minor plumbing repairs. So the first thing you need to do is to assess if you can fix it on your own or need professional assistance. Here is a list of common plumbing issues and how to resolve them.

If any of the following seems too difficult or confusing, you can always turn to the best plumbers in Vineland NJ.

Dripping Faucets

That continuous tip, tip! It can stick to mind and you may hear it even when you are not at home. The distressing noise is also accompanied by water losses you are going to pay for. But not if you diagnose and fix it on time.

Start by replacing the o-ring. It’s a small rubber used to keep the handle the place. When it is worn out you get the dripping faucets. If replacing this ring does not do the job, clean the mineral deposits clogging the aerator. For those who don’t know, it’s a mesh filter lying at the end of the spigot.

Pipe Leakages

If you are living in an old house, pipe leakages make up the major plumbing problems. That’s because as the pipes get older, they lose their ability to withstand water pressure and changes in temperatures.

Whatever the issue may be, the first step is to shut off the water supply. Now turn on the faucets to drain the pipe. Once the pipe is dry, wear your gloves and apply epoxy putty for a temporary fix. Wrap it around the pipe and secure the edges with the tape. Let it sit for a few minutes before turning the water on.

Keep in mind that this is a temporary fix. Call in a professional to repair the pipe or replace it. If your house has a plumbing system with copper pipes, consider replacing it with plastic pipes.

Running Toilets

The toilet should be running, only when you need it to be. A lot of toilet leaks go unnoticed for long before a homeowner gets to fix them. You can lose thousands of gallons in a matter of few hours.

The most common culprit is the rubber flapper that loses its shape and leads to water leakage. You can take a picture of the damaged flapper, get to a home improvement store and purchase a replacement. It is very easy to replace it. At other times, all you need to do is to untwist the chain attached to the flapper.

Faulty Hose Bibs

Faulty hose bibs are a typical case of out of sight, out of mind. As they are installed for outdoor water needs, the hose leakages go unnoticed. One drip through the worn-out hose bib equals 2600 gallons per year.

Remember that a typical hose bib is not made to last for years and years so a proactive homeowner should replace it regularly. If you are not good at maintenance or need a permanent solution, invest in a premium quality frost-proof brand of hose bibs. After all, it has to endure the rough and tough weather conditions.

Clogged Drains And Sinks

It’s annoying and avoidable but still a common issue in any household. You may have been careful of what’s going down the drain but if you have kids or guests at home, clogs may disrupt your routine more often.

A high-quality plunger, drain snakes and a box of baking soda can be your arsenal in dealing with clogs. Keep a separate plunger for your kitchen sink. Get some good-quality drain snakes and keep them in a safe place.

If you are not up to have a look at the disgusting gunk, you can dissolve it. Add a cup of baking soda, run some white vinegar over it and cover the pipe opening for a while. Now pour high pressured water through the pipe to dislodge the mess.

Slow Running Water Taps

While a dripping tap is annoying, slow-running faucets are super annoying. It makes washing a regular batch of dishes a pain, showering unpleasant, and laundry a nightmare. Check the valves or pipe levels. You can also fix the problem by replacing the showerhead. Or you may be dealing with a hidden leak. When you are not able to identify the problem, call in a plumber before it’s too late.

Cold Showers

Unless it’s a scorching day outside, we all love hot showers. If you turned on the faucet and got hit with the cold shower, your water heater may be the culprit. Check the thermostat settings to start with. Double-check the power supply and if you suspect mineral buildup, look for the best plumbing contractors.

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