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Looking for pricing on a new aluminum fence? There are several factors that could affect the ultimate cost of the installation. 

In terms of materials, the cost per foot for aluminum fence panels could run anywhere from $10 to $40. Installation costs for aluminum fencing depend on several factors, which we’ll get into below.

Aluminum fencing is a popular choice for yards and pools, and it’s not hard to see why. Aluminum fencing is durable, able to withstand decades of use, even in commercial settings. Aluminum fences are weather resistant, naturally resisting the corrosion that eats away at their iron counterparts. And of course, they look fantastic. Aluminum fences have stately, classic profiles, and can boost the curb appeal in any setting. 

Aluminum Fence Material Costs

What factors affect the pricing for the aluminum fencing itself? It all comes down to raw materials, construction, quality, and other features.

Let’s start with the price of raw aluminum. According to the World Bank, the price per ton for aluminum in May 2021 sits at around $2,300, or $1.15/pound. This is a significant change from only a year prior, when aluminum cost around $.73 per pound.

Next. We’ll factor in construction. The way an aluminum fence is built can significantly affect the price of the fence itself, and sometimes even the installation costs, especially if the fence construction requires extra assembly work. 

A typical aluminum fence comes in a 6-foot long by 4-foot-high panel. Depending on code requirements, pool fences may be 6 inches taller at 54 inches high. These panels are priced anywhere from $60–$120, with additional costs coming from posts and the hardware required to secure them. Decorative elements like finials (spear-tip or fleur-de-lys elements topping the pickets) could push the price of an aluminum fence even higher. 

When it comes to the basics – the rails and pickets of the fence, thicker, sturdier pickets look better, last longer, and cost more. The typical aluminum fence is built with 5/8-inch pickets. Higher-priced aluminum fences feature 3/4-inch pickets.

Low-cost aluminum fence panels are often built using rivets or screw attachments. These make the fences easier to assemble at the factory but introduce weakness into the structure and the finish. These fences may not hold up to impacts or stress. Fasteners like rivets and screws are points at which the finish often begins to chip, diminishing the look of the fence. 

Premium aluminum fences feature welded construction for a seamless, durable, attractive look. These aluminum fences can be priced a little higher, but for a longer-lasting, better-looking product, it’s a worthwhile investment. 

Aluminum Fence Pricing: Installation Costs

Aluminum fence prices can be affected by installation costs, and this is often the hardest part to estimate. 

What different factors may increase the cost of your aluminum fence? The size of the project, the overall lay of the land, and the quality of the crew who installs the fence. As a result, the installation cost for an aluminum fence around a small yard could range from $1,000 to $3,000.

Here are some of the variables. 

Labor Costs
The hourly rates of skilled installers can vary from region to region or depend on the experience of your installers. Never settle for the first person you talk to – always get estimates from multiple contractors. They will quote a price based on their experience and knowledge when it comes to jobs like yours. 

Even if you are considering a DIY installation do not rely on a video you found browsing the internet. Keep in mind it is often a professional with years of experience creating this content. Just talking to a pro could raise some issues you were not aware of. Reputation matters too. If one crew is booked solid, and charges a higher price to install aluminum fencing, there may be a good reason: they’re fast, efficient, professional, and leave your yard tidy and clean. Of course, the opposite is also true. Message boards and review sites are littered with stories of sloppy work, no-shows, project timelines dragging out, and even work left unfinished. If a contractor quotes you a low price for an aluminum fence, ask for a referral and take a close look at the contract terms. 

Yard Conditions
Aluminum fence pricing can be affected by the property it’s installed on. If installed in the ground, securely setting the posts requires digging deep post-holes. That’s easier in some locations than others, and rocky soil or clay can bog down the process. 

Likewise, installation on flat, even ground is much less labor intensive than installation on slopes or surfaces that may require grading. Some aluminum fence panels are “rackable,” which means that they can angle up or down a certain amount to match sloping ground. If trees or shrubs are in the way of your aluminum fence, factor in the cost of removal as well. 

Project Size and Complexity
When quoting a price for aluminum fencing, a contractor needs to cover any unforeseen issues. That means that when fencing in a front garden on a city block versus a larger hillside property, you might see a big change in pricing. Are there several gates that need to line up precisely? Decorative elements? Attachments to concrete or building exteriors? These installation variables all affect aluminum fence pricing. But some costs are constant: bringing equipment to the site, cleaning out the yard after the work is complete, insurance, etc.  

Ultimately, these factors all reinforce the need to talk to a real pro (several, actually). Sometimes, even an experienced DIYer doesn’t know what they’re getting into until it’s too late.

When it comes to premium aluminum fencing that offers superior value for the price, real pros trust Nobility Fence. Nobility’s precision-engineered aluminum picket fencing comes in a variety of styles for both yards and pool enclosures, including puppy-proof pickets. Powder-coated, with screwless picket attachments, these fences truly last a lifetime. Nobility also stands behind their products, carrying an exclusive transferrable lifetime warranty on every fence they build. For brochures, instant pricing estimates, or to reach a qualified pro, visit today. 

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