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Are you planning an outdoor activity or a gathering for your friends? While planning outdoor activities, canopy tent is the best to protect your guests from rain and sunshine. But while selecting the canopy, you need to consider several factors. We will guide you with the important things that you can consider while selecting a canopy.

Size and Portability

While selecting a canopy, size is the primary factor. Most canopies are four-legged, but you will be made available in varied sizes.  When you are deciding the size of the tent, you can think about the heights of the guests and the number of guests that you want to accommodate in the canopy. Explain your necessities before finalizing the canopy. Ensure that your guests should not face discomfort when they walk in or out of the canopy.   

Also consider your movability, whether you need your tent static at a place or require to move it during the event. If your event asks for moving the canopy, then consider a canopy with wheels for easy movability from one place to another.

Some of the canopy tents are large while some are small, so select it as per your requirements. 


Now you need to select the style of the tent. Decide on whether you need a partial canopy or full canopy. For instance, you want a canopy for some fair where you are going to set up your vendor booth; you can have a canopy with single door. You need to ensure that your tent stands out from the rest. Make side walls in your canopy for having extreme protection from the weather. 

Side walls can be made with polyester or mesh walls for keeping insects away from your tent during night time and let the air keep flowing in. You can also add some graphics or banners to your tent if you are on some professional activity.


Frame material also matters while buying a canopy. It is available in a variety of materials; the common among them is steel and aluminium. During windy atmosphere, steel tents are helpful because of its strong and heavy structure. Aluminium is lighter in weight, can be set up easily, but it can’t withstand strong wind flow and can bend easily. 

You can also have water-resistant polyester material for your canopy. It comes in varied thickness that impacts its durability and its capability of withstanding water. The more the thickness of the canopy, the stronger it is. 

There are vinyl coated polyester canopies. Though it is a bit costly, it offers the best protection from weather and ultra-violet rays. You can also have fire retardant canopies in vinyl material.

Select the material as per surroundings and weather conditions to enjoy your outdoor activity the most.


Once you are done with the canopy material, and then is the selection of the canopy color. Usually, light-colored canopies are preferred in summers. It is because they don’t absorb heat and keeps you cool under it.  

But light canopies top part gets dirty and catches stains easily. So, if you are concerned about the looks of the canopy, then going with light colors is not preferred. You can opt for bright colored canopy, as it can hide dirt and stain easily. But think about the temperature once while selecting the color. 

Select the best canopy for your outdoor party, for setting up a booth at a fair or for some other outdoor activities.  Consider all the factors that are discussed here. Don’t let wind weigh down your canopy as well as fun. It would be beneficial if you purchase leg weights to keep the canopy intact.

Hope you get the best canopy for your outdoor fun.  

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