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The grandad collar shirt has been revived in recent years and is a timeless item of clothing. Often referred to as a collarless shirt, it is informal and elegant. Its history stems from the factory workers of the 19th and 20th centuries who are said to have removed their collars in case their ties became wedged in the machinery.


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Relaxed formal is the way to wear it

For a smart casual look, the grandad shirt can be worn with jeans or chinos, and a pair of loafers. Men also have the option of leaving it unbuttoned and wearing it over a white t-shirt. Again, team it with loafers, or a smart pair of trainers for the super casual look. A pair of brown desert style boots are ideal in colder weather.

If relaxed formal is what you are looking for, then wearing the grandad shirt with a suit brings a more casual feel to a formal event. For meals out with friends, the shirt can be worn with a smart jacket and loafers.

The Farah Grandad shirt is the perfect choice for a relaxed evening out. Stylish men can purchase shirts from a variety of retailers including www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah/grandad-shirts. According to Fashion Beans a grandad collar shirt strikes a perfect balance between cool and casual, and smart.

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Some men will want to button up their collars for a more formal evening. The shirt can be styled with a pair of dark skinny jeans for a modern look. Do choose the footwear with care though, as black is synonymous with creating a more formal look, whereas brown is all about dressing down.

Layer the shirt with a cardigan

Layering may be required in winter and it’s perfectly fashionable to throw on a cardigan over a grandad shirt. If however, you don’t feel confident enough to wear it with a cardigan, there is the option of a lightweight jacket. Opt for a bomber style jacket and boots.

Even though its name suggests it’s old-fashioned, this is certainly not the case. Men have been embracing the grandad shirt for years, with its timeless, informal elegance and its ability to lend itself to so many occasions. Although the shirt is traditionally formal, men should check their workplace dress code to see if they are permitted, as ties are unable to be worn with grandad shirts.

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