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Artificial lashes have been known to give the final look to the eyes as far as the entire makeup is concerned. Ultimately it is the correct placing of eyelashes that matters in the look irrespective of the type of lashes. The lashes can look indifferent if they are not placed properly and can indeed make the lashes look ‘artificial. 

Many lashes are coming in the market with different styles to suit different occasions and the customers are free to choose anyone depending on their requirement. The main reason behind the usage of fake lashes is to make the eyes appear stunning and get the desired makeup finishing to your face. 

However many of them can find it difficult to use it for the first time but with practice, anyone can learn the knack of placing it correctly and making it appear original. So it finally depends on the choice of the customers to choose the eyelashes sold by various eyelash vendors.

How to place the eyelashes properly?

  1. Find the correct shape of your eye
  2. Decide what type of eyelashes you want to try based on the occasion
  3.   Find a place with enough lighting and keep a large mirror by your side
  4. Decide whether you want large or deep lashes
  5.   Now you can trim the lashes depending on your needs
  6. Using adhesive, apply it firmly on the lashes
  7.   Place it using your hand or tweakers
  8. Now you are all set to define the desired look.

How to select the best glue pen for your eyelashes

Eyelash glue pen is often considered an important tool as far eyelashes are considered. Some of the brands offer the best quality eyelash pens that are often resistant to allergies and help to get the perfect stickiness on their lashes. More brands are coming up with the urge to provide customized glue pens with exclusive logos printed on the top. These are also very easy to use and handle. The advantages of using glue pens are:


  1. Soft refills are provided
  2. Comes with the waterproofing feature
  3.   Very sticky
  4. Removes the need for magnet

How to use the glue pen?

  1. Ensure that your eyelids are clean
  2. Do proper trimming on your eyelashes to adjust to the original shape
  3.   Now you have to apply the lashes
  4. Ensure whether they are properly attached
  5.   Now the lashes can be used all day without any hassles or irritation


Removing lashes is equally important as placing them. Here also, you can follow simple steps to remove the lashes with ease. Firstly you need to use oil and apply it gently to remove the glue. Loosen the glue and it shall automatically come off your eye. 

One of the most important things to remember is to hold the lashes at the lash band since it can cause further damage to the lashes if you are placing your hand on the lashes and hence it can become unsuitable for further use. So by following simple steps, you can easily place and remove the lashes with ease. 

These lashes are becoming so popular that it is being commonly used by many to complete their daily makeup and hence it is going to come up with new modifications due to the increased demand and new brands are also coming up the same way. For more information, visit barbaralashes.Com.

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