Tue. Jun 18th, 2024
Young woman with marks on face before eyebrow permanent makeup procedure, closeup

The eyebrows change due to the continuous growth of hair. It is the reason you should consider regular visits to a beauty parlour for care. Specialists advise individuals to go for appointments at least twice after every month or slightly longer. During the period is when the eyebrows are growing at a high rate after going for initial treatment.

Apart from going for an eyebrow session, there are other ways to maintain them and get the perfect facial appearance. Below are tips to help you maintain the eyebrow;

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Like how you handle the scalp, it is essential to avoid scratching the eyebrows with the nails. You will pluck the eyebrows out by pulling and making their appearance irregular. Ensure you hydrate the area using a suitable cream by rubbing it gently into the skin. It is critical to maintaining facial skin to get the best appearance. Also, when you want to get cute with your outlook, consider the natural henna freckles than exposing the facial skin to the sun. 

Use the Right Products

Regardless of the eyebrows, you have there are usually products that are right for you. Whether you have the scattered or bushy ones, it is critical to consider the shape when getting the brow henna starter kit. You will need to fill in the gaps when having the less bushy ones, while you can consider extending the outlines for the bushy ones. 

The right products will help you do it without much effort. It includes brushes and pencils for the application process. Also, the brands offering beauty products differ, and it is essential to settle on one that works for you. 

Use Tweezers with the Slanted Tips

Tweezing the eyebrows is for the individuals with the right skills with undertaking it. You can easily cut yourself if you use the wrong equipment or do not know how to do it. It is advisable to use tweezers with slanted tips as they will not go deep into removing hair near the skin. Also, ensure you use gel to soothe the area. Select the medicated ones in case you have cuts to avoid getting infections.

Maintain the Eyebrows Shape

Tweaking the shape of your eyebrows by trimming the eyebrows is not the best option. Beauty specialists know how to shape them depending on the body and facial shape. It is best to leave that to them when going for regular appointments. If you have to do it, mark the outline with a pencil to know where to cut. However, it would be best to have a professional give you a proper look.

The pencil can be the best option since it is challenging to have a stable hand when shaping the outline yourself. You can redo it even if you make a mess, but it will be challenging to get the eyebrows back if you pluck it unintentionally. 


There is a trend to let the eyebrows grow, and you should let them if you like the look. 

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