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The best way to earn money online is by doing affiliate marketing but affiliate marketing is not as easy as it looks, you need to high authority website and high quality content before you start earning from affiliate marketing but there is other way which is somehow similar to affiliate marketing and can also help you to make money and this way of earning money is called referring friends or you can also call this refer and earn Paytm cash program.

In this type of method, you have to refer friends to could be to an application, or any service. When your friend downloads the app or takes the services through your referral link, you will earn Paytm cash. The earning totally depends upon what type of app or website you are using. Different refer programs provide different income but they also have different conditions that must be met before you start earning. For example, few referral programs will provide your Paytm cash only when your friend has used the app or paid for any service in the app. In simple words they will not pay you only because someone uses your referral link but they will pay you when your friends use the referral link either for register or use it and pay for some service. But there are also few apps that will pay your Paytm cash when your friend has downloaded and registered and these are the type of apps that you have to focus on because they will be easy to use and don’t come with any paid services or cost. So, everyone will be able to download free such free apps and you can earn the referral income.

Some of the Best refer apps that you can try

    1. Roz dhan app

Roz dhan is a great app for those who want to earn Paytm money not only by referring friends but also by playing games and watching videos. But since we are taking about referring friends then galo will provide Paytm cash when you invite your friends and when they register with your link. You can download Roz dhan app on play store and its free to use. Once you have earned your money you can redeem them in your Paytm wallet at any time you want to.

    2. OneCode app

Another great app to earn real Paytm cash is by downloading Onecode app. In this app you can refer your friend’s different services and when they use such services with your special link, you will get Paytm cash. You can also get some amount of commission when your friends join the Onecode app and refers the service to his friends in his network. When finally, you have earned Paytm cash on Onecode app It usually takes 7 days before your earnings are automatically transferred into your Paytm wallet or bank account.

There are other apps as well that you can check on website but these are the 2 apps that are my favorite when it comes to earning Paytm money by referring your friends because they are easy to use and they are very legit apps because it really matters that you always use apps that are legit and not fake.

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