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Inspired as a Photographer

Have you been finding yourself losing the inspiration and creative buzz you once had as a fresh-faced photographer? It is not an unusual situation for creatives to find themselves within. In fact, this is relatively common. Sometimes you simply need to take a new approach to your photography to find the inspiration you need to continue the hobby you love so much. Here are some top tips to help you stay inspired as a photographer, to re-ignite your passion for photography.

Venture Outside 

Heading outside with just your camera in hand will allow you to get close to nature and find the beauty in things around you. Even if this isn’t your typical photography style, it may be worth trying, to find some new inspiration. Taking your camera out whenever you can is the perfect way to find new things to capture. You may notice things that seem relatively normal, maybe the street you live on, but through the lens you could capture this in a whole new way. 

Join a Photo Sharing Community 

To find new inspiration, why not join an online photo sharing community. This way you can chat with fellow photographers and find inspiration in their creativity, whilst sharing yours with them. Online you will find sites, forums and blogs where you can share and interact with other photographers. Engaging with a community this way will allow for feedback, which could also help in sparking some inspiration, as others give their comments on your photos and how you could potentially improve. 

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Set yourself Photography Projects 

Give yourself a challenge and set yourself a photography project. This could be taking images for somebody else or collecting images over a number of days to achieve a final piece. Your project could be as simple as capturing the same image over time to demonstrate a change in state. For example, photographing the change in seasons from your bedroom window. 

Change your Location 

A lack of creativity and inspiration could purely be caused by boredom. Changing your current location and visiting new places is sure to provide you a whole host of new perfect photo opportunities. Travelling allows for your mind to take in new places and views in a completely different way, even just going away for the weekend could open your mind, finding new approaches to photography. 

Share and Sell Your Photos Online

Reward yourself for your hard work and effort in shooting amazing photographs; share and sell your photos online. The opportunity to make some money from the photos you have collected during your time as a photographer could help to inspire new ideas and thoughts. Free online photo sharing allows photographers to upload their images for people to download and buy. Whilst also being able to engage with the other photographers and contributors on the platform. This is a great way to stay inspired as a photographer. 

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