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perfect perfume for youperfect perfume for you

Choosing the perfect perfume is the best way to feel confident going on a date night, feel refreshed going to work every day, or sprucing up after a midday gym session. Whatever the case, choosing a scent that works well with your skin is a hygienic and stylish method to feeling your best and smelling great.

The real question is – how do you find the perfect perfume for YOU? You may smell someone’s perfume and immediately like it – but that doesn’t mean it will work well with your skin’s unique blend of hormones. Whether you have a few minutes to do some online research before you head to a drugstore, or you are trying to find the perfect perfume in a few-minute rush, there are a couple of tips you can follow.

Let’s see the best way to approach finding the ideal perfume for your lifestyle.

The top tips from perfume experts

Do your research first!

For any important decision, you want to make sure you are well educated before spending a lot of money, making a life-changing decision, or doing something that is long-lasting – and the same should go for buying perfume. The best place to start is finding out what scents you like in everyday life.

Do you love the smell of flowers after it rains? Do you like the smell of dark mahogany wood? Whatever it is, finding out the distinctive smells you enjoy in life can help you choose a perfume. Do you love the smell of coconut shampoo, or are you someone who enjoys the fresh cotton smell of folded laundry?

If you have found a scent, or a ‘note,’ that you enjoy, try browsing a line of perfume. By smelling high-end perfume in the drug store, like Comme des Garcons Perfumes, you can see what scents match the ones you like in everyday items.

Sample scents correctly

The most important part about finding your perfect perfume is trying it on. Instead of just using the sample stick to try the perfume, spray it on your wrist or elbow to see how the fragrance matches with your skin’s hormones and pheromones. Try only high-end perfumes, like Comme des Garcons Perfumes, to avoid using cheap products and perfumes that don’t last more than a few hours.

Discover what you love

The chemical makeup of the chosen perfume can affect how long the perfume will last and smell during use. Although you may think that all perfumes or parfums are long-lasting and the strongest, the ingredients used in the formula have a bigger effect on the longevity of your product.

For example, if you are browsing the Comme des Garcons Perfumes and choose a citrus-based fragrance, it may last a shorter time than other notes, like wood-based scents.


When shopping for the perfect perfume, take into account tips from professionals that can help you choose the ideal scent for your body. By properly sampling the perfume by spraying it on your wrist or elbow, you can ensure the smell works well with your body’s hormones and natural scent.

In addition, choosing high-end products, like Comme des Garcons Perfumes, and doing some research beforehand can help you save time and narrow down the extensive list of perfumes to a select few.

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