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succeed in sports betting?How to succeed in sports betting?

People often mistakenly think that sports betting is about luck . People are wrong because it is a question of method. Horse races, football matches, motor sports… In this article, we give you all the advice to become a pro bettor!

First, you have to realize that sport is still a random game and therefore it is difficult to predict the scores. Losses are inevitable and even the best bettors lose but the investment is for the long term. The advice will therefore allow you to minimize losses and gain in the long term.

To succeed in your sports betting choose online betting

The advantages are multiple when you swim in online live betting, in any case you have work to do when you bet online:

  1. Online, you have a variety of games to choose from
  2. You have access to a level of high odds, and this allows you to maximize your winnings by increasing them
  3. You can also bet on many matches (combined bet) on a single ticket, and increase your winnings with a low initial stake,
  4. You opt for instant compensation right after the end of the match, you touch your pot
  5. Take advantage of promotional offers that bookmakers give, such as welcome bonuses
  6. You can do live betting on a match being played
  7. You have a wide range of events you can bet on
  8. You have the possibility to associate a lot of sports at the same time online, and receive your remuneration in record time
  9. Finally, you can work from your home without moving, using your Android or your PC.

Our 7 tips for best success

Betting consists in betting your money on an event, a game, a football match, and finally to gain in return a profit. Although the system is at a high risk of loss, the betting community continues to expand, and grow day by day.

Today, betting is seen by many people as a real job to generate a salary each month, some see betting as a means of pleasure, some do it to simply remedy their moments of loneliness.

With the development of digital and marketing, betting companies (bookmakers) have taken the internet by storm to boost, and increase their visibility, consequently their ticket sales have increased. And to be above the bar, the majority of bookmakers have adopted strategies to attract a mode of customers, for example: the refund of the first lost bet, the bonus on the first deposit , the odds are much high, a lot other promotional offers are to be noted, depending on the type of bookmaker.

Everything is done and built by the online sites so that you bet your money, but be careful to take the right reflexes from the start. Here are some important rules to follow.

1- Take the time to analyze the information

The beginner’s excitement or your feelings can hurt you . There is no question of betting on your favorite team all the time. If you don’t know anything about the national team tonight, don’t bet on it. Take the time to analyze the forecasts, go see the sites, the team’s winning percentage, the opinions or forums on the net. Take into account: team players, past stats, weather, style of play.

2- Take advantage of the beginner’s luck

It is a strategy that will make you money for sure. When you register for the first time on a bookmaker site, it offers you to refund your money if you lose your stake . This system helps motivate the new customer, but you can only use it once so don’t expect to get rich at this point. Here is how it works. For example, you bet 50 euros each on the two opposing teams in tonight’s football match. One of the two will therefore be the winner so you win money on one of the sites and get your stake back on the other.

3- Calculate the statistics: find the odds values ​​or values ​​bet

While this strategy requires a mastery of statistics, you will master it in the long term. But a good basics of math and statistics will help you a lot. The odds denote the probability of an event occurring . The valued odds are those which are not well adjusted by the bookmaker. A coast is calculated as follows:

Probability = 1 / odds * 100

Odds of 2 mean the team will have a 50% chance of winning. Bookies intentionally lower the odds to make money. So the valued odds strategy is to bet on the team that has a higher probability than that which the bookmaker displays. You must therefore master the forecasts better than the bookmaker , which requires a mastery of several years. Here is an example.

The bookmaker displays the following odds for players A and B:

A: 1.1 therefore a probability of success of 90.09%

B: 3.5 therefore a probability of success of 28.57%

A novice will say that you should bet on A since he has a 90% chance of winning. But note that the sum of the probabilities does not give 100% so the bookmaker has deliberately lowered the odds. If you calculate a probability of 92%, for example, for A, bet on him. If, on the other hand, you calculate a probability lower than 90%, bet on the other team. If you master this technique for the long term, you will earn a lot of money . To get the right predictions, you need to keep the predictions up to date and have some experience and have positive results after a period.

4- Follow several bookmakers

Register on as many bookmaker sites as possible. This will allow you to compare the odds and have as much information as possible on the predictions.

5- Follow the right tipster

A tipster is a professional tipster who sells his tips. Certainly all Sunday bettors boast of being a tipster when there is very little chance of meeting a good one .

He is a prognosticator who calculates winning strategies over the long term. You don’t have to do any analysis, you just have to pay a monthly subscription of 20 to 50 euros per month. Listen to their analyzes, their chronicles, their explanations, this will also allow you to refine your knowledge.

The prognosticators display confidence indices that is, a score that corresponds to the degree of certainty about the prognosis, so take that into account.

You may also want to consider becoming a tipster if you have had positive betting results after several years. Watch out for scammers! It’s hard to find the best tipsters .

6- pay attention to the greed

Predict carefully, don’t bet everything on one bet, don’t make a handset if you don’t know it. You will have a better chance of winning on multiple selections than putting everything on one bet. And the more you bet, the more you risk losing everything.

This then requires optimum management of the bankroll , that is to say of your stake capital. It is safer to divide your capital into several fractions.

7- Choose bets with two outcomes

You have a better chance of finding the right result for a two-way bet since you will have a 50/50 chance of winning. The more outcomes there are (horse races, who will score the first goal? Who will have the best player prize… for example), the more your luck will decrease.

There is no foolproof method so avoid falling into the traps of bookmakers. The best tip would be practice and experience . You have to improve yourself and above all keep track of your bets. You learn about your past bets!

Anyone Can Win

The paths to glory or success are not always winding paths or paths of hard work. Although these events are quite rare, there is the possibility of making money by playing certain games and making bets. This industry has developed considerably because of its great interest and the large sums it can bring in at once .

Sports betting is quite accessible. It only takes a little knowledge to get started. There are many sites allowing you to make sports bets, I refer you to our selection of the best sports betting sites to find out on which site to register.

How to play to earn money?

The gambling may be unsuitable for several reasons, including the much higher risk of losing than winning. Some games, generally bets, on the other hand provide a certain gain , even if it is not always high . These games consist of betting or betting on the victory or on a particular result of different games.

The level of profit in the event of victory depends primarily on the odds of the setting. The more improbable an event or a bet, the more its odds rise. These games of chance sometimes smile on some people who get back up to ten times their investment . Those are :

  • Football-related games;
  • Horse races;
  • Combat sports;
  • Games in casinos.

Bets exist in many ways and in different ways. We will thus have bets ranging from the lowest to the highest. Many people invest very little and suffer no damage from their loss . Others, on the other hand, invest a lot, but on almost certain events and thus earn with little profit .

These games have risks especially when aiming for substantial gains . However, you can improve your skills in some games and turn them into important sources of income .

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