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Why Do Games Make Us Happier?

Research has shown that a game can lighten up the mood of a depressed adult. Games can reduce tension, fatigue, anger, and it can certainly make us happier. The question is, why? To answer this, here are a few reasons:

Winning and Cash Rewards

People are often happy after playing a game that they won money from. Take Teen Patti as an example. Teen Patti is a card game that is similar to poker in a way. You just have to bet on the hand that will most likely have good three cards. If you make the right bet, you get your money back with additional rewards. Winning in games like Teen Patti will make you naturally feel happy. You will also forget all other worries at that point while you celebrate your wins.

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Virtual Reality

Another reason games make us happier is because we can get lost in that reality. Imagine playing a video slot game. In each game, there is a theme. For example, Big Bad Wolf video slot is about the story of the three little pigs.

Often, these themes do not apply to our world and our reality. You can easily forget where you are when playing such games and just get lost in the theme’s reality. We can even forget what is making us unhappy, stressed, or sad for a while. Video games and games with virtual reality are top on the list of games that can make us happy this way.

Connection with our Inner Child

Also, playing games make us connected to our inner child. Childhood is a time to play and enjoy one’s existence without thinking of any responsibility. When we pass this stage, we move to a phase where we are now responsible for certain things. Adulthood comes with many challenges and liabilities, like work and family. When we play games, we often rewind to where we care for nothing other than being happy. We tend to enjoy ourselves and be connected to our once childlike manner.

New Challenges

Games bring new challenges your way. This is yet another reason why we are happy when we play games. With games like Temple Run, for instance, you are always looking forward to beating your old scores and new challenges. These can give you something to always look forward to in the game. It makes the game and even life in general, more exciting. As a bonus, when you conquer every single challenge in the game, you naturally feel a sense of happiness.

Passing time effectively

People who play games can use the time spent in the waiting room to play the games that they love. Visualize waiting for the doctor or in a queue. This could be very frustrating, especially if you planned to spend every second of your day judiciously. However, if you have a game to play, you will get past the frustration to enjoying your time while in the waiting room. Rather than being annoyed, you can spend the ‘wasted’ time playing a game that lightens your mood and cheers you up. 

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