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Struggling Writer

Meeting your regular expenses as a writer is more like running a marathon. The majority of times, you have to switch to another field because you find it hard to make a living. When it comes to literature, it is not possible to make it to the top through your social networks. It is the dream of every writer to be acknowledged worldwide. However, it requires years of struggle to make it to the top. 


People involved in the publishing business are always looking to cash their lottery tickets to the top. Every writer hopes to write a best-seller. However, only a few get lucky. In most cases, the scan numbers don’t register beyond a blip of sales. However, there are a few tips that struggling writers should consistently follow if they want to survive the field of writing. In this article, we are going to share these tips with you. So, without further ado, let’s get to the details. 

Best tips to survive as a struggling writer:

Consistency is the key to survive as a struggling writer. However, it is not as easy as it seems to stay consistent while writing. From writer’s block to loss of motivation, various things affect the way you write. Follow the below-mentioned tips to survive as a struggling writer:


  • Read as much as you can:


You cannot get better at writing without reading. Being in a creative field you need to stay in touch with the form of art you are associated with. For example, a musician needs to listen to good music to make great music. A photographer needs to study other visual arts for inspiration. Dancers seek to learn dance moves from a variety of cultures to hone their dance skills.

To stay motivated and to create art, a writer needs to read as much as he can. Reading other’s piece of writing provide you with a roadmap to follow. You also get to learn how to hide vital clues in plain sight. You get to learn how to write emotional scenes from a variety of angles. If you ever feel you are struggling to write, start reading other writer’s work for inspiration. 


  • Uninstall apps on your phone:


By uninstalling unnecessary apps on your phone, you can make more time to read. Social media apps take up most of your time of the day. If you don’t agree with us, track the time you spend on social media texting your friends or watching videos of pet animals all day. You will realize that you can do a part-time job in the time you spend on the phone. 


  • Look for ways to overcome challenges: 


Being a writer can be challenging. You may experience various setbacks on your way to becoming a successful writer. However, that doesn’t mean that you accept failure and stop trying. You need to constantly look for ways to overcome your challenges and setbacks that come your way as a writer. Find a solution to everything that brings you down if you want to become a successful writer. 


  • Keep your finances in order


Even if your next novel is a surefire hit that will make an instant millionaire, it’s absolutely critical that you stay on top of your finances. You will never be able to have a consistent creative output if you’re also dealing with money problems at the same time. So it’s recommended that you keep your spendings to a minimum, look for discounts on websites like ClothingRIC while shopping and wait until you make it big to buy that dream car.


  • Don’t let criticism bring you down:


If you work in a creative field, you should prepare yourself for being criticized. Keep in mind that people around you won’t always believe in you and the way you work. Even the people within your close circle will be jealous or sometimes feel threatened by your wins. Don’t be sad if you fail to inspire people around you. Write what your heart believes in. 


  • Improve where you can:


To become a successful writer, you need to exploit your strengths to the fullest. Every person has some strengths and weaknesses. So do you. It doesn’t matter if you are bad at something. Focus on what you are best at and make it your strength. However, try to overcome your weakness wherever you can. Improve wherever it is possible. It will help you survive and grow into a successful writer.  


  • Remember your successes for motivation:


Successes and failures are a part of life. To become a successful writer, you need to keep both in mind. However, never let your failures define you. Always give your successes more importance as compared to your failures. Repeat what helped you succeed and dismiss what caused you to fail. It is very easy to forget all the praise when we are criticized for something. Move on by filtering out the negativity and make what worked for you a regular practice. 


  • Change something:


Sometimes, to find what you want, you need to reshuffle the cards. This helps you draw the right card. It is common for writers to feel stuck or unproductive. When that happens, it is time to make a change. This change can be anything from shifting your desk to another corner of the room or deleting something or someone. 

Take a risk or experiment with new ideas. Forget loss or gain for a moment and focus on what your heart says. Switch up your writing style, forget the rules and write how you please

Sometimes to boost your mood you need to change the colors around you. See how brand use a color scheme to interest their customers when things get boring. That’s how our brain works. By switching up colors in your surroundings you can create the right environment to work and succeed. 


  • Get moving:


To stay motivated as a writer, you need to make sure that you are moving enough. Short breaks between works keep you fresh and motivated. Don’t spend your break time on the sofa or desk you are working from. Use Pomodoro timer to stay focused for 25 minutes and take a 5-minute break when it ends. 

Have a glass of water or make yourself some coffee during your break. Do whatever refreshes your mind and prepares for the task ahead. Don’t check your emails or social media during your break. Do something different and fun to break the monotony. 

Wrapping up! 

Becoming a successful writer takes years of struggle. It is not as easy as it appears. If you are not in the mood, writing exhausts you both mentally and physically. Writer’s block even makes it hard for you to be productive. Some certain tips and tricks motivate you to write and work hard towards becoming a successful writer. By following these tips, you can overcome any obstacle that affects your ability to write. 

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