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types of expository essay

What are the causes and effects?

Why the problem raised and how to solve it?

What does it mean? How they similar and different from each other?


The writings, which involve in describing the problems and solutions, causes and effects, definitions, and process, etc. are called Expository Essays.


There are the primary five types of Expository Essays


  1. “Problem and Solution”
  2. “Causes and Effects”
  3. “Similarities and Differences”
  4. “Definitions and Classifications”
  5. “Process, Step-by-step guide, and How To?”


Problem and Solution: 


The Expository Essay, which deals in describing the obstacles to readers briefly and providing the legitimate and feasible solutions to contract the issue, is known as problem and solution providing essays. In this type of article, the writer needs to focus on the primary obstacle by furnishing the statistics and details of the problem and should able to yield the solution to overcome the problem. For example, an increase in Population will increase the economic crises.


Causes and effects


While in the “Causes and Effects” essay, the writer needs to explain the causes of a particular issue and what impact it was shown later on days. For example, Causes of World Wars and Effects. Here, the writer needs to be very specific to the details and need to describe pin-to-pin information so accurately.


Similarities and Differences


The essay writings, which involve explaining the similarities and differences, are part of the Expository essay writings. In this type of essay, the writer needs to compare the elements/things providing the data in a well tabular or descriptive manner. For example: Which one is best: Android phone or iPhone?


Definitions and Classifications


Most of the science writings follow this type where the writer needs to classify many elements and need to furnish the article with approved definitions. For example Types of Plant Kingdoms.


Process | Step-by-step guide | How To?


The writings, which involve describing the step-by-step process of the work, come under the fifth category of expository essays. While writing the fifth category, the writer must stick the formal, plain writing style. Laboratory records, assignments, practical are the general writings that involve in providing step-by-step guidance. For example: Making Coffee, Procedure for the lab experiment, How To Write On MS Word? Etc.


Either it was a problem and solution providing writing or comparison writings, every article in the expository essays needs to follow a few basics while writing.


  1. Finding topic
  2.  In-depth research on the topic
  3.  Writing: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion
  4.  Editing


These are common concerning points while writing an expository essay. If you are not able to curate the writing, search on “Write my essay for me” on the Internet to find the best essay writing services which lend you a helping hand.




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