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Many of the dog owners think that its easy to teach a dog to fetch something as it comes naturally to dogs that they chase any moving object. There are some dogs who do not take a lot of time to understand the game and starts to fetch the object thrown, mostly dogs do not do get what you want.

They either stare at you wondering why would you throw an object while some would run after the object and just stay there when it stops moving. So it seems easy to teach a dog to fetch but practically, its not that easy.

Here are some tips which you should be following while training your dog:

1. Teach your dog how to chase something

If your dog is kind of a dog who sits and stares at you, you need to first teach him to chase the thrown object.

Throw the object and motivate and encourage your dog to run after it with the goal of getting reward if he chases it. Reward can be anything from treats, affection or chew toys. Gradually increase the distance of the throw and motivate your dog to chase it for more distance with bigger treats.

2. Retrieving the object

After you are done with chasing, you need to teach your dog to bring the object back to you. This is an important step. This can be done in different ways. Keep throwing the object and give commands like “bring it back”.

Once he caught the first toy, ball or Frisbee, try with more toys so that he gets accustomed to the idea of bringing every thrown object to you rather than only that toy or Frisbee.“If your dog getting more aggressive and destroying your valuable things keep them within best wireless dog fencing system

Once he repeatedly catches the object, teach him to bring it back to you by showing him treats and if he brings to you, reward his desired behavior.

3. Getting the object back

If your dog does not bring the object to you and drops it on the way. Shout commands like “Bring it here” and shake the treat with your hands to encourage him to bring to you. Do not give him any treats if he comes to you without the object. Keep practicing it for some time and he will come to know that he is being praised only when he brings the object to you.

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