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Training evaluation has been on the priority list for all organizations to take care of the specific business goals as achievable via the benchmarks. The training sessions are extremely important as they ultimately ascertain the degree of practical hands-on knowledge which is imparted to the trainees and this is the core knowledge which ultimately determines the levels of expertise the trainees would show in terms of real growth and development. The online assessment of the trainees is therefore extremely important to ascertain how much they have been capable of absorbing and how much redundancy has taken place during the training cycles. The gauging process assesses the levels of proficiency in the target domains for better understanding the trainee’s holding and performing capacity in the real world scenarios.

In addition to the general assessments, the online exam also focuses and outlays the areas where the trainee lacks in skills and helps portray that in a better fashion for the management. The competency management once the training sessions are over forms another important perspective to make the candidates comfortable as well as well gauges according to the industry standards. This therefore provides invaluable insight into the domains the trainees really need to work on to be able to perform in the highest possible manner to uphold the company standards. In the corporate world, this value of upholding of company standards do go a long way in ascertaining the levels of expertise the candidate bears in reality and the degree of comfort the organisation will have to deal with the candidates. The expertise quite often needs the repercussions of candidates threading themselves in accordance to the specific needs at present and evolving as per the needs accordingly.

Assessment of Post-training based modules

This entire framework is based on the Kirk Patrick Four level based training assessment model, which is considered to be one of the most important and potent model in training evaluation respect. This model is considered to be as a global standard for the evaluation of training effectiveness. The model holds great deal of effort and impact on the general practice which upholds the standards which are an absolute mandate in terms of growth of the company as a whole. These modules also take care of the different levels if enterprise edition requirements which crop up during the running in of the organization as a whole and results in proper screening of the candidates in question, to truly know the degree to which they can adapt in accordance to their surroundings and henceforth make for the better prospects in view.

Reaction based module

This directly corresponds to the training which is directly based on the instructor and the content too. The presentation is one of the primary focal point with respect to which the assessment is being carried out. The assessment also measures the effective quality of overall feedback which has to be captured by virtue of the instructor. This is being carried out just after the training is being linked to the overall effectiveness of the associated training. This portion is of utmost importance as it measures the degree of monitoring and the general growth of the candidate post-training. The instructor holds a great degree of potency in this respect as this directly links the interests of the company in training the candidates in question. These dedicates training sessions are the ones which ultimately make the candidates ready to take on the various nature of assignments assigned to them from the organization level and makes them potent to take on their specific job set efficiently and on their own accord.

Learning based module

It measures the degree of knowledge attained by the trainees on account of closure of the training sessions. The module directly tests the knowledge levels of the trainee right before three months and after three months of the commencement and corresponding closure of training session. The learning based modules have one great usage in terms of the general levels of focus it lays on the candidates to relate to the true degree of knowledge they have been able to acquire in their training sessions and makes for a great deal of inherent quality checks before the specific candidate can actually make for a great addition into the core functioning team of the related company.

Behavioural module

Training evaluation is aimed at assessing the trainee’s behaviour, which is supposedly incremented via the application of training knowledge. The usage of “360 degree feedback tool” does an excellent work of evaluation of the real change in the trainee behaviour which is affirmed and felt by the associated manager, the associated peers and the relative subordinates. This essentially makes for a great deal of impact on the assessment of the candidate in terms of the platform provided by the training sessions and the general characteristics exhibited by the candidate to tackle and interpret the functioning points of business.

Furnished results

This last step encompasses the activity of assessing the gross improvement in the overall competency within the trainee to directly affect the goals sustained for business development. This step is generally being carried out on part of the HR teams who were directly involved in training of the trainees. Once this part is being completed, the candidate is finally deemed ready for work in the related domain into the core organization functional team. This last portion of the screening makes the right set of requirements which the candidate might need for the higher officials to undertake the work in a better manner. In some cases, it might exhibit a couple of loopholes in the knowledge of the candidate too which he can be trained for immediately. Therefore, once this module is being accomplished, the entire training does come to an end and the candidate is absorbed into the organization and henceforth bestowed with the real time project which would directly link the candidate to the functional revenue tiers of the organization as a whole.

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