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how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp iPhone and Android 2018 Today most people use WhatsApp’s from business to small tasks. Wattsapp has become an important part of our life. But there are many features in   WhatsApp that even daily whatapp user like me and doesn’t know about. On the social media, many such information shares regarding WhatsApp features tips and tricks how to use but most of the trick does not work. today in this post I will share one important tricks how to unblock yourself from WhatsApp if someone has blocked you don’t worry unblocking tricks can be done by following the 4 steps you don’t have to require any technical knowledge you just have to follow this step.

how to be unblocked on WhatsApp first step.

  how to be unblocked on WhatsApp first step. your WhatsApp account 2. then go to  WhatsApp settings. Then go to account and click on Delete My Account. After which the Whatsapp calls for a mobile number. After giving the numbers, they will be removed from the Whatsapp. After which the WhatsApp apps have to be uninstalled from the phone. then install your WhatsApp once again and restart your phone, After completing all this process  all those numbers will be unblocked. If you have blocked whom you have been constantly checking whether they are in the block list or not. If he is not in the block list then you have to block it again. Otherwise, in some way then  he or she can disturb you. (The Best Part): You can use this method to unblock on iPhone and Android both. First of all, you have to be sure that you are that you are blocked by that person. If you see blank image on someone’s profile picture that may be due to his/her WhatsApp profile deletion.  ]]>

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