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Blog is a big playground for a writer’s creativity. Each blog post serves a common purpose of boosting the Search Engine ranking of the website. You must be wondering how possibly a blog, a personalized write up can do that! Blog is the platform where you can share information, awareness, knowledge and expertise on your product with the community or with your potential customers. Blog is the best tool to attract your customers.

Blog Actively-Make your Presence Feel
Google ignores those sites which are left stagnant and unchanged for years together. There are plenty of such sites floating in the spectrum of World Wide Web. The search engines strictly monitors the latest updates of every website. If you post two-three blogs a week, then you are seizing the maximum opportunity of updating your website organically. It symbolises that your blog is active and that it is been taken care of. Search Engines hate idle blogs and websites.

However, the blog content should be potential enough to pull a lot of visitors and spend the time to read it. It must talk about a topic that the search engines can consider worth sending to the users.

Socializing your Blogs
Once your blogs are updated with new contents, you can share the blogs in the social media sites for engaging more number of people to know about your blog, product and services. As you receive positive comments on the blogs, it adds up to the ranking of your website, because search engines are smart, they gather information from all places about a product, to judge on the parameters of ranking.

Thus blogging is a very important factor playing behind the ranking of a website. You must keep your blog active so that you can keep yourself running in the competition. So start blogging today. For better results you can also hire a good Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore.

Add More Pages-Reason to stay longer
The more the numbers of pages, the more the search engines crawl across your website. If your website is a mine of excellent blogs and those have gone viral on social media platforms, you will be able to gain more visitors. When these visitors are spending longer time on your blog, it indicates that the blog has some good information that they are interested in.

On the other hand, with limited pages in your website, you cannot widen the usage of the keywords, which is the soul of SEO. If that is the case, you may have to stuff your existing content with the same keywords, which is again a threat to ranking in the search engine result pages.

Inbound Links to Increase the Authenticity
Contents on a blog must have inbound links as references. Search engines identify these inbound links as a vote of confidence. More the inbound links, more visitors spend time in your website for several related information. This increases the authenticity of the website in the eyes of the search engines.

Keywords to increase the Visibility
Playing with keywords in the blog is a must, and there are enormous opportunities to do this. Optimizing all the blogs with relevant keywords and linking these keywords with inbound links, makes your blog an information mine. When users type same keywords on the Google search box, Google identifies all the pages in your blog containing the keyword, and displays them in the search engine result pages. It increases the visibility of the blog, raises the number of clicks.

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