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How to use flea spray in your house Are you searching how to use flea spray in your house? then you are in right place for It’s so lovely to have dogs or cats as companions at home. However the beloved pets are the host of such pesky insects named fleas. Fleas find furry animals perfect sources of food and shelter. They can both hide among the coat of the hosts and feed on their blood, which becomes a nuisance to the pet and pet owners. Fleas have no wings but they can travel around with the host and jump from place to place thanks to their strong hind legs. It is said that fleas can leap elsewhere as far as 50 times of their size. As soon as you discover that your pets are being disturbed by fleas, you should infer that your house is being infested with fleas. The fleas you see may be just the floating part of the iceberg. The whole population of fleas should be spreading in hidden shady corners such as under carpets, rugs, or upholstery. It is necessary to get rid of the insects as promptly as possible. There are many ways to eradicate fleas. Some people may opt for natural non-toxic methods while others may go for chemical remedies. Depending on the situation of flea infestation in your home, you may choose suitable flea control product. In the scope of this writing, we guide you how to use flea spray to get rid of fleas at home. It is not so difficult to search for flea spray at a local pet shop or online. This product contains IGR ingredient or better known as Insect Growth Regulator. The advantage of using flea spray is that it will kill all fleas and their offspring. Basically adults fleas account for 10% of the whole population, while eggs, larvae or pupae constitute the rest 90%. Once contacted with flea spray, their life cycle comes to an end. Adult fleas get killed while eggs or larvae cannot develop into next stage. Locate where fleas are In order to effectively eradicating fleas, you need to locate where they are in house. For sure, fleas will not concentrate in well-lit places where sunshine can reach easily. They love a little moist shady place. Follow your pets to see where they often hang out in house and fleas could be around there. Pet bedding, carpets, rugs, basement or even your beds are suspicious locations for flea residence. Treat the house with flea spray [caption id="attachment_4038" align="alignnone" width="689"]How to use flea spray in your house How to use flea spray in your house[/caption] https://pixnio.com/interiors-and-exteriors-design/interior/furniture-room-home-indoors-table-chair-house-window-interior   To protect your pets and other family members from being affected by chemicals, it is advisable to keep them away from the areas you plan to treat with flea spray. Should you have any food out, pay attention to cover it or store it properly so that flea spray will not touch it. Clean up and vacuum the house to remove the emerging fleas. Now you can spray flea control product in suspected places in house. Be sure to wear mask to protect yourself from breathing in the toxic. Close the door and leave the rooms for 30 minutes.  As soon as the allowed time for the product to take effect is over, you can open the door and vacuum the house again and to clear away dead fleas and their offspring. You may not get rid of all fleas with one single treatment. It is better to repeat the spraying every 7 or 10 days. However, your pets should be treated with fleas first and foremost. Otherwise, all the effort of killing fleas in house will come to nothing and the original source is still full of the parasites. Using flea spray to treat fleas in house is not difficult. However, it requires care and attention to effectively remove the intruders while not affecting the pets and family members. There could be flea spray products which are believed to consist of natural ingredients, but still it is best to keep human and animals away from treated areas. Regularly tidy up your house and watch out for any sign of scratching or grooming more often than usual of your pets to detect flea infestation early and take prompt action hope article about how to use flea spray in your house provided enough information]]>

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