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Since the last decade, Android has turned out to be a great source of online gaming for developers. As a result, many popular Android games came to the market. One of those popular games launched for Android was PUBG that a lot of people play around the world.

Regardless of the excellent gaming features, some people have experienced some frame drop while playing the game. If you are facing the same issue, but don’t have any idea about how you can resolve it, then go through this complete guide to get rid of this issue as follows.

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How to Use the GFX Tool?

How to Use the GFX Tool

GFX Tool is one of the most popular tools for Android. With the help of the GFX Tool, one can unlock the full HD graphics and can set it to 60 FPS. You can also change other graphic settings according to you.

How to Fix Frame Drop Issue in PUBG?

There are several solutions available on the internet for the frame drop issue, but only a few of them are useful. One of those solutions is a tool called GFX. The tool is developed by some and can be used to double the average frame rate per second, even on low-end devices.

It will improve your graphics along with a better gaming experience. The GFX tool is quite more comfortable to use and comes with a plethora of options. Let’s have a look at how we can utilize the GFX tool to enhance and improve our gaming experience.

How One Can Use the GFX Tool to Improve the PUBG FPS?

Since it comes with a plethora of options, we will go through each one of them and will give you the best settings to keep for every opportunity. Let’s test our hands on each one of them.

1. Resolution

More significant Resolution is one of the critical reasons for performance lag while playing a game. A more substantial decision means more pixels are to be drawn on your processor. By reducing the resolution, you can improve your game performance.

Since there’s no such default option available, you can use the GFX tool to change the resolution and adjust it according to your device specifications.

2. FPS

FPS, aka Frame Per Seconds, is the number of frames rendered on your device every single second. By default, the value is set to the maximum one, which may cause a lag while playing the game.

Using the GFX tool, you can adjust the value of FPS to lower down it, which in result, will improve the performance of the game. 60 is a proper setting here, anything more significant than that will cause lag while playing PUBG.

3. Graphics

You can also improve your frame rate by lowering down the graphics. Lowering the quality of graphics will cause less strain on computing power, thus resulting in improved performance and better gaming experience.

PUBG has some basic graphics options in the app itself, but you can unlock some hidden ones using the GFX tool. By having some advanced settings, you can tweak the PUBG graphics to get a smoother performance even on low-end devices.

4. Styles

The style option allows you to change the color saturation and color schemes of the game. It has nothing to do with the frame rate, but it can also improve your gaming performance a little bit.

You can select soft and classic color schemes which can lower down the stress on CPU. This way, it can improve your gaming graphics and experience.

5. Anti-Aliasing

The Anti-Aliasing feature improves the overall graphics quality of the game by smoothing the jagged edges. Enabling this option will make your game graphics better on the one hand, whereas, on the other hand, it will also impact the frame rate.

It requires high power from the GPU, resulting in reduced frame rate and lousy gaming experience. You can disable this option to keep your game performance better.

6. Shadows

The shadows option can be exercised to either disable or enable in-game shadows in the game. Shadows primarily help you to spot in-game players hiding behind a tree or building. Disabling this option will make you incapable of spotting hidden enemies.

On the other hand, it will also improve the frame rate, which will result in enhanced gaming performance and a better experience.

7. What’s Next?

After configuring these settings, you can press the Accept button. Then, you will need to hit the Run Game button, which in result, will run the PUBG game. Now, you can start playing the game with the above-configured settings. If this doesn’t work at first, you can try rebooting your device and play the game again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que: Will this Tool Cause a Ban If I Found Using it in PUBG?

Yes, you can be banned if you use the GFX tool in PUBG as it alters the default settings of PUBG, which isn’t allowed by the PUBG team. It is because PUBG officially declares that changing the default settings with any other app will be against policies, and the account will be banned.

Que: Is the GFX Tool 100% Legal to Use?

No, it is not legal to use. PUBG team declares that using the GFX tool to change settings of the PUBG game is illegal, and the user’s account can be banned.

Que: What If GFX Tool doesn’t work Properly on My Device?

In this case, you can uninstall the GFX tool and then install it again to see whether it works or not. If it’s still not working, then try installing it on another device.

Que: Is the GFX Tool Virus & Malware Free?

Yes, it doesn’t contain any virus or malware and is 100% safe to use.

Final Verdict

GFX tool is one of the most popular Android tools. It can help PUBG players to change the graphic settings of the game. You can even play and enjoy your PUBG game with full HD graphics and 60 FPS, Frame Per Seconds. Not only this, but the GFX tool provides you a lot more customization options to change the game settings. GFX is a handy tool, but one should know all about it before using it. Everyone must know the drawbacks of anything before using it. And this article will help you with the same. So, this was all about the GFX Tool. I hope you will like it.


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